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Why Life a poem by Nandini Gupta at UpDivine
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Why life had its own way?

Is it a game to show us our way?
Why life is sometimes unfair?
To teach us how to bear fear?
Why life is so struggling?
Is its only agenda to make us feel troubling?
Why in life everyone wants to win?
Is it a race which everyone wants to begin?
Why life teaches us lesson?
To built us as in a person?
Why in life everyone has to face storm?
Is it a way to teach us how to perform?
Why life is so confusing?
Is it only wants us to be blooming?
Why in life everyone wants love?
Is it the only way to hold up?
Why life had its own reason?
Is it not our place to judge its decision?
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Nandini Gupta

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