Chronic Needles

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The smell of insulin on my hands is strong.

Takes me back to that day I went to the hospital to get blood drawn-

Not aware it would take so long, yet that day is the exact day my life changed forever

After that no day would be easy-I felt like I was gone, nothing would get better

I was right?

I mean-the thought of death always seems to be on my mind- Fear of kidney failure or going blind

Pokes. Needles. Shot.

They help me- They are my best friends

They are there to help me when ever, forever


Gives me the clear liquid that keeps me alive-

Allows me to walk and open my eyes- just for a little while longer…

Its not easy-

Maybe, maybe one day it will get better-

Its a pain but if it keeps me alive, its what ever

Pokes. Needles .Shots.

Never ending


Not a gift- more like a curse

Though like my mother says “It could be worse”

A miracle we have needles-but it doesn’t feel like a miracle when the poke hurts

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Leslie V

About the Author: Leslie V

I'm just a young girl fighting a chronic illness with a big passion for writing . I wish to spread awareness for Type 1 Diabetes with my poems as well. 🙂

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