Natural Disaster

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C r a z y

what a storm
I don’t feel well

no not therapy, insulin instead 

but the sizzle and burning feeling on my skin doesn’t help the tornado in my head

C r a z y

what a storm

running through in my blood and in my mind

both incurable 

 somewhat manageable they say 

I don’t care, I just want to hide both in the dark

overwhelming cycle it feels like-every needle that touches my skin 

Feeling low 

try fake smiles

an earthquake 

my body trembles and shakes

Feeling high

high Mountains 

the way the they crumble down like my spirit 

but once they where high-stood tall…

now the only high I feel is the red drops on my finger tips 

natural disaster 

and god, there’s so much more to it then the words coming from my lips

nothing to prevent it

its natural 

but such a disaster 

what a natural disaster she is


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Leslie V

About the Author: Leslie V

I'm a young girl who uses writing as a form of coping.I just do this for fun~my stuff isn’t good or professionally written but I’m hoping to find people who can relate<3

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