No Thursday Dinner

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I still get scared 

I still go there

to that place 

I want so badly to forget 

I wish you heard me screaming-but you were too busy downstairs beaming with the stuff you made up in ur head

Did all that make you happy?

where are we now?

I fall asleep to you laughing

not from past memories, just scenarios I make up in an empty void 

wish it where them instead 

wish I can heal and fix everything you’ve completely destroyed 

I still hear you rampaging through-and those cries I think I got too used to

We left our goodbyes on a Thursday evening…

When I say my soul died-I wish you’d believe me


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Leslie V

About the Author: Leslie V

I'm a young girl who uses writing as a form of coping.I just do this for fun~my stuff isn’t good or professionally written but I’m hoping to find people who can relate<3

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