The Yellow

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Their eyes shine 

like that rich gold within the mines

that yellow tint of the sun that beams on you-no matter the state of mind

the bright side 

it’s the color they desire

like you desire the ball of energy they are when you’ve been  depressed and tired

ur stress dissolves as they spin

you feel color 

and that gust of wind and all of a sudden everything’s 

y e l l o w

that yellow that they never fail to give

all yellow and it feels amazing -as it trickles down ur skin just cause they smiled

and you  get overwhelmed with pride when they laugh just cause it’s been a while since you’ve felt anything other then blue 

they make the list of reasons to live become clear in ur head once again

I couldn’t be more thankful for you

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Leslie V

About the Author: Leslie V

I'm a young girl who uses writing as a form of coping.I just do this for fun~my stuff isn’t good or professionally written but I’m hoping to find people who can relate<3


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