My love

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You are the one for whom I adore.

You are the one I was looking for.

I love you very much darling.

Day by day I am loving you more.


Darling I would take your best care.

Together we look beautiful as pair.

Will try my level best to keep you happy.

Never will let my efforts go in despair.


Darling I would always support your career.

With you I would always be sincere.

No matter how much sadness comes in our life.

I would never let you be in tear.


Darling I would take all the pain.

Never in life will do any complain.

I would never pressurise you my darling.

Never will put burden in your brain.


My love for you is very pure.

See that you are happy I would always ensure.

We would frequently hang out my darling.

Sometimes I would take you to very long tour.

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