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Born as two but grew like one
2 birds on a tree somewhere unknown
their thoughts innocent and world so small
humming together a particular song
while holding hands through crest or fall

But destiny played it’s own part
a storm one evening blew them apart
not knowing how all this happened
they wounded lying to different places

An instant changed all they had
thoughts filled with worry and dread
fear gripped each other’s lives
with fading hopes and broken spirits

With passing time their wounds healed
blurring memories till little remained
no longer innocent being alone
they have to survive on their own

One became stronger while other not
they often dreamt that tree in thoughts
wondered if it’s still remained
and all that followed never occurred

The stronger one saw a movement
his hunting skills awaken that moment
a distant bird how weak he thought
was passing by from reach beside
he charged on prey with all strength
and thrust his claws into pale flesh
a murmered cry of a lost song released
till he realized it all had finished.

Now standing over his brother’s corpse
he flew away for that tree once lost.

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Rahul Kumar

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