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How can I submit a post at updivine.com?

Step 1: Register your account on updivine.com. You can do the same at https://www.updivine.com/register/.

Step 2: Once you have an account. Login to your account at https://www.updivine.com/login/.

Step 3: After you log in, submit your post at https://www.updivine.com/submit/.

Step 4: Once you have created a post you can share the same on your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) through the share button on the top of the post.

Save your post on your computer before you submit them here. We are not liable for the loss of any of the work you submit. 

NOTE: You can find all your posts at https://www.updivine.com/u/(yourusername)/

How many of my posts can I submit to UpDivine.Com?

You can submit as many posts as you wish to our post archive.

Do I have to pay you a fee to submit a post?

Submitting a post to UpDivine.Com and presenting it to others is a completely FREE service.

Do you have any suggestions for submitting any post?

Yes, please take care of the following points so that you rank higher in the posts listed on the landing page of the website:

  • Make sure the quality of the content you post is excellent.
    • The post should be creative
    • It should be visually attractive (highlighting the important points, with proper use of headings and subheadings)
    • The posts should be optimally sized (neither too short nor too long), etc.
    • Add at least one good quality image supporting your post, along with it.
  • You can add the same as the featured image, or a different one.
  • If you have a video supporting the same, you can add the same to the media. Or if that is already on your YouTube or Vimeo account, you can simply add the link of the same in the post to embed the same in the post.
  • Submit appropriate tags (up to ten) along with each post, in order to rank higher not just on the website but also on the search engines.

We suggest that you share your posts on your social media handles as well. This will help in having more views, likes, and comments on your posts, which in turn will help in increasing the popularity of the post on our website.

Are there any rules for posting a post?

Yes. Please follow these rules when submitting a post:

For the title of the post:

  • Do NOT write the title in all uppercase or all lowercase.
  • Write the first letter of each word of the title in uppercase.
  • By all means, write a title. As the posts are listed according to their title on some of the pages, the posts without a title will not be seen by the visitors. It is known that some posts do not have a title. For such posts, you can write the first line as the title. (In this case, re-write this line in the text)

For the text of the post:

  • Do not write all of the text in uppercase.
  • Do not write the title or name of the post here.
  • Do not add the name of the writer at the end. (When the post is displayed on our site, the title of the post and the name of the writer are added automatically by the system. If you write the title of the post, the title will be seen twice when visitors view the post.)
  • Do not leave a space at the start of the lines (unless it is so in the case of an original poem).
  • Rather than separating the lines by using the “/” mark, at the end of each line, go to the next line using the “enter” key.
    Leave only one blank line between the sections.
  • You can write the date and place of the post at the bottom. Separate such information from the body of the post with a blank line and put them in parenthesis.
  • If the post is a translation, you can write the original language and the name of the translator at the bottom.
  • Do NOT write your comments in this section.
  • Please do not give a link to a website in the text. UpDivine.Com removes the posts that give a link to any page.
  • Do not use HTML codes.

Posts that do not meet these rules and/or contain profane or vulgar language will be deleted by the site administration.

Can I submit posts that were written by others?

No, If the post isn’t 100% your work, it’s not allowed.. 

Plagiarism is a criminal offense. Do not submit works that are not 100% your creation.

How can I make changes to a post I previously submitted to UpDivine.Com or remove it?

If you wish to change a post later or remove it completely, send us an email with a link to the post at updivineurvibes@gmail.com.

If there is a mistake in a post written by another writer, what can I do to correct it?

Please inform us about any spelling mistakes you find in the posts. Also, please inform us of any double submissions (a post submitted twice to the archive) or incomplete submission, etc.

What happens to deleted posts?

If you have got the post deleted from your profile, they are no longer on our records. We can not get them back. 

If a user requests their posts to be deleted, the admin deactivates them. The records remain on the system, but can not be viewed by visitors.

Does the copyright of the posts I submit still belong to me?

The publishing rights and copyright of all the posts you submit to UpDivine.Com continues to belong to YOU. 

You do not transfer the copyright of a post when you submit it to our site. By submitting your post to our site, you accept that we publish it on our website and share a link to the same on our social media handles.

You can later get the posts removed you submitted.

Finding Content

How does the search work?

To search for content, just enter a keyword into the search bar at the top right of any page and click “Find.” You’ll be taken to the search results page, where you can sort displayed results Poets, Poems, Songs, Singers, and Quotations.

I just published something. Why isn’t it showing up in the search?

New content appears on your page but it can take some time for items to show up in the search index.

Posting Rules

UpDivine wants you to feel free to express yourself and your ideas in your posts and comments. That said, there are certain guidelines in place to keep UpDivine a safe and friendly environment. Please use the guidelines below when creating new content on UpDivine.

Prohibited Content

If any of the work you create on UpDivine contains the following types of content, it will be removed from the site, and you risk having your account terminated. 

  • Pornography and Sexually Explicit Content
  • Sexual Solicitation/Cybersex
  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Copyrighted or Plagiarized Content
  • Gruesome or Excessive Violence
  • Illegal or Harmful Content
  • Profanity
  • Personal Attacks
  • Hate Speech
  • Spam

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