Everything has a Purpose

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Everything Has A Purpose | A poem by Ritika Nahata atUpdivine
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About a man named Lorenz, I read somewhere in may,

He calls it ‘butterfly effect’, this is what it say,

Something as little as a butterfly’s wing’s sway,

Can create tornados lightyears away.

We all read the stories, and what the legends say,

We’ve seen the superheroes, how on the field they slay,

The future that is to come, a base they lay,

The stories whack my brain, and with my heart they play.

Facing the final frontier, standing on his sleigh,

To save the mankind, with remnant army, a king once lay

His men’s eyes filled with fear, they weren’t at all gay,

To drive them all to action, these words he’d to say.

When the courage of men would’ve fallen,

there may come a day.

When the bonds of fellowship be broken,

there may come a day.

When the age of men crash down,

there may come a day.

But this isn’t that day, this ain’t that day,

We fight this day. We all fight this day.

Against eight dozens, as four of us will stay,

With valor in our navel, in combat zone we lay,

For the chicken feast, after the hard day,

Till safe zone diminish to zero, we shall play.

P.S.: Everything has a purpose, big or small. Things that you read, see, hear; they all affect your actions. Sometimes they may help win battles and sometimes battles at PUBG.

Also, we will have daal-bati for the dinner, instead of  ‘Winner- Winner Chicken-Dinner’

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Everything Has A Purpose | A poem by Ritika Nahata atUpdivine
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