Beginning of the Eternal

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Beginning of the eternal Updivine
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She was beautiful but blind as she was born,

Everyone couldn’t stop but adorn.

A sight of her would make anyone delight,

The baby was so adorable to make anyone’s day bright.

No one ever understood her plight.

She never had seen any vision,

So she knew no expression.

Nor that she hide, but no one ever tried;

For two years to make any move right.

And one day he arrived,

A few days old and ever so bright.

Dark skinned and doe eyed,

Eyes so gorgeous, no eyes would ever glide.

Even when he cried, even when he smiled,

The voice so melodious would make dead come alive.

Wherever he visited a fragrance rolled,

In the legend as it is called.

With his charm he altered the aroma,

it would make all folks forget their trauma.

Even before people would see, his charm was felt;

Such was this baby boy’s impact..

And as they entered the home in the hall,

Suddenly the atmosphere changed as if there was some ball.

The girl realized this in a jiffy,

as she could feel the butterfly in her belly.

She knew at once there was someone in the vicinity,

whom she had known since eternity.

She wanted to know him even more,

but there was a helplessness that she wore.

In a room on separate cradles they lay,

But without a word having to say.

The boy could see the girl and this made him contempt,

She wanted to know him and for it she made all attempt.

She wanted to touch him and feel,

As this would maybe make her heal.

And to do the same from her bed as she fell,

There was sudden lightening and it sounded like hell.

From her eyes the tears rolled,

To be near him as she crawled.

With every wriggle made towards him,

There was an amplification in her whim.

As she reached the bed where he lay,

Every single moment passed like a day.

And as she got closer and touched,

Within her body her heart felt clutched.

And there was a huge desire,

Which got her inside burning like fire.

She knew somehow she had to see,

Someone she has connected as deep as sea.

The ache, the crave, the hunger for which she yearn,

Made her will profoundly burn.

It is so true like they say,

With will one can do what takes a lifetime in a day.

Such high was the depth of her desire so bright,

Within a few moments she got her sight.

beginning of the eternal by ritika nahata
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With a single view of him, her heart started to beat,

Without which she was so incomplete.

As the people living around came to know,

His fame and glory began to grow.

They had witnessed a sort of miracle,

That brought the girl’s life out of debacle.

It was because of the village leader’s scion,

That the girl gained her vision.

The city and country began to worship him like a god,

But Krishna became god because Radha took him as her lord.


This is one love story that has been closest to my heart, forever. This is the first part of this poem. It describes the beginning of this love story between Radha and Krishna. It is said that when goddess Laxmi was asked to descend to earth before Lord Vishnu; she agreed on only one condition that she will not open her eyes till Lord himself come on earth. Thus Radha, a few years older than Krishna was born blind. And the first thing she saw, as she opened her eyes on this earth was baby Krishna.

For the second part of this poem click here…..

Beginning of the eternal Updivine
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  1. Amazing!
    You can make a person god, if you are ready to take him/ her as your lord by your sheer devotion…
    Great thinking.
    I am in love with this….

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