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Increase your post reach 20 times
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Many times you write a piece and realize that was your masterpiece. But, sometimes it happens that it doesn’t receive the kind of feedback as you were probably expecting. There could be two main reasons for the same:

  1. It wasn’t as good a piece in the eyes of your audience.
  2. It didn’t reach many people.

We will create a separate discussion with regard to the first one, some times later. But for the second one, here is a list of tried and tested tricks that helped us rank #1 in google search results and increase our reach by more than 20x. 

So, the following is a set of changes that will help you with two things:

  1. make your posts more attractive, and
  2. Increase the reach.

Some Tricks To Increase The Reach of Your Post

Simple Changes To Make Your Posts More Attractive

What can i do with the content?

Make Your Post Minimum 350-500 Words Long

And yes that’s the minimum length and not the maximum. And words, not characters. For the maximum, you can go up to any length. But make sure it is not too long that it becomes boring for the readers. 

Also, note that posts more than 500 words have getting it indexed by the search engines and attaining a better ranking in the search results (i.e. when people search for the relevant keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

If you are writing short poems/haiku etc.

You can always write a description of the same. You can tell the audience about the techniques used, the background story,  a brief description, etc. It will help you in two ways. When you tell them these little details, people connect with the writer better. Also, the audience becomes more confident that you have good knowledge about what you are writing.

Use Headings / Highlighters

Make proper use of headings, subheadings, etc. And also highlight important points by making it bold/italic. One long piece of text is always monotonous for the reader. The division helps in not only making it more attractive but also in retaining their interest.

Make Content Attractive Reach more audience
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So make use of different headings and highlight options. Also, the right use of keywords in headings helps in getting a better ranking.

Make Use of Images and Charts

To make a post more attractive use images and charts. This helps in better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your post.

Do Not Post Plagiarized Content

A plagiarized content has a greater chance of being marked spam by the spam while indexing the same. If you are sharing your text content at more than one place. It is always better to edit it a bit.

If you are quoting some other authors, it is always more desirable to quote the reference, both on ethical grounds as well as for a better ranking of your writings. 

Add Links to Your Social Media Handles

You can give links to your social media handles at the end and suggest them to connect with you there if you want and are comfortable. 

Also, you can embed the link to your YouTube video in a post. All you have to do is paste the link of the same at the point in the post, where you want to.

Don’t Forget The CTA

What is CTA? It is a call-to-action. Request the audience to like, give feedback in the comments, share, etc. at the end of the post. A person who has reached the end of the post is also likely to give you good feedback too.


Remember after the title, it is the cover image that comes to the audience’s notice. Therefore, it should be really attractive the people are compelled to open the post. It should make the message extremely clear to them. So, follow these steps and make the most out of your images:

  • Use good quality, self-clicked / self-created / copyright-free images.
  • Quote the source of the image.
  • Change the image title before uploading the same. It should contain the keywords that you think people might be searching on various search engines. We have noticed that up to 30% of our organic traffic across different search engines.

A good quality image manifolds the reach of the post.


After the image, the third thing that people notice in your post. Make it so appealing that people are compelled instinctively to open and read the post. To make it appealing note the following points:

Desired Length

There are no set standards for the desired length. But it should range anywhere between 50-70 words. It should neither be too long nor be too short.

Desired Content

The excerpt should contain a brief description of the content of the post. It should also answer the main question of the readers that why should they open and read your post.

Lay down The Benefits of The Post

An excerpt should always lay down the benefit that the audience will have on reading the post.

Don’t Ever Do This:

Give away the spoilers in the excerpt. That steels away the motive to read the post. 

Sharing Works Wonders!

Once you have published a post, share the same as much as possible. 

There is an option at the top of the post, like this:

Share your posts on various social media handles for increasing your reach.
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and there is also an option at the bottom right side of the post, like:

Sharing Option at Updivine for maximum reach
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You can also tap at the “+” sign to explore more sharing options.

Benefits of Sharing

  • It immediately gets more audience to your post from across various contacts on your social media handles.
  • The more a post is shared, the better chances it has of getting a good rank on Google and other search engines. Their algorithms rank more shared posts higher on the search results.
  • Better reach also improves the chances of your post getting ranked amongst the most popular post or the most viewed post.


When you are sharing your writings on a platform, where others are also doing the same. It’s wrong to expect people to read your posts, without you reading theirs. So, it’s always desirable to read other stuff that is of interest to you and give honest feedback.

While giving the feedback, you can:

  • Make sure that it benefits the other writers. So you can always write a few words of encouragement, suggestions, etc.
  • Don’t be too harsh on your suggestions.
  • Suggest them to check out your writings as well.

Remember we are all a part of a larger community, the UpDivine community.

We hope that this post helps you reach the maximum audience.

Lastly, always remember two things:

  • The quality of the content that you are sharing is the most important thing in the long-term for audience retention.
  • And, the quality of the audience is way more important than the quantity of them.

If there are any points that we have missed and that you think is important, do share them with us in the comments.

Increase your post reach 20 times
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  1. Thank you for your concerned and valuable feedback.

    As I’ve learned my way around your site, over the last couple of weeks I have indeed been finding the new posts and liking/commenting — a like does register when the word becomes underlined, right, because on my screen the number of lines doesn’t change then?

    A social media operator I am emphatically not — as a both fully disabled and homeless poet it’s a mighty struggle for me just to maintain enough personal and online viability to do the work itself and successfully get it to my readers. Apologies for this shortcoming.

    I’ve noticed of late the poems featured in your browser listing presence have been revolving rather than always being the same. That will help.

    We are having challenges here, between wildfire smoke and the onset of our rainy season, accessing solar power for my online device — I’ll be posting as I’m able until the situation improves.

    Thank you again for your care and concern.

    Best Regards to you all, Ana

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