Slavery of Lies – A Cadae Poem

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Slavery of Lies | A Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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Slavery of Lies

You inflate
with matter but
air to blow others
There isn’t any matter to add weight
Weight to
make you worthy enough
few hashtags that trend
marketing making
your lies become the greatest truth.
Would we have free will till we die, or
dwell on slavery of lies?

Cadae Poem

  • The word ‘CADAE’ is equivalent to the transcendental number ‘PI’ (i.e. 3.1415).
  • Cadae is a 14 line poem, that has a fixed number of syllables in each line.
  • Each subsequent line has a fixed number of syllables equal to the subsequent number in the value of constant ‘pi’.
  • The approximate value of ‘pi’ (up to 13 decimal) is 3.1415926535897.
  • So for example, the first line of the poem will have 3 syllables, the second line will have 1 syllable, the third line will have 4 syllables, and so on. This will continue until the 14th line, which will have 7 syllables.

About This Poem

We as masses are mostly manipulated in this information age. Sometimes using the fake trending hashtags, sometimes fake agendas to cover the real ones, sometimes the fake promises. All of this by the powerful bureaucrats and the powerful people.

Their campaigns create a false belief in us. Making us believe that the person will be our savior. And we become the fools. We the people who are already carrying the baggage of lies on our already broken backs are so intimidated by the false promises and fake marketing by the politicians, who have nothing worthy to offer us. They are just as hollow as one could ever be. And we are serving the ‘slavery of lies’.

I don’t know if this is the pessimist in me, but every time I see people cheering and celebrating after electing their favorite leader, I am reminded of what Padme Amidala said when Sheev Palpatine crowned himself as the Emperor. She said, “this is how the liberty dies, with a thunderous applause“. And I can’t even tell you how saddening and depressing it is.

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Slavery of Lies | A Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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