Brittle little master

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She is young, she is brave, Everyone’s favourite, Anu is her name.
In gokul, inside a small hut,
Lives a school girl, with lots of guts.
She embroiders exquisite pieces,
And washes everyone’s dishes.

Her mother is lazy,
And Father a little crazy.
Brother being a role model,
While embroidering a perfect model.
Her friends are raju, bhanu and prema,
But she likes to play with latt, chun and pakka.

Her dreams are big,
skills at her fingertip,
And with an infectious smile,
She asks me everytime,
What does the outside world look like,
Can you show it to me sometime?

Her eyes are lost in the beauty of hills,
But they still see where inequality begins.
And she laughs, and laughs more,
But cries in her heart are left unmourned.
She still embroiders exquisite pieces,
But never compromising on her wishes.

Her hands search for threads and needles,
While her brain tries to solve life’s complicated riddles.
She wants to become one of us,
But has no clue on how the system works.
And while completing her design,
She asks me one last time,
What does the outside world look like
Can it ever be mine?

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Hiraeth Gilmore

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  1. I read again your beautiful poem. I like it. It’s astonishing. ❤️ (And I’d like to thank you for your friend request. It’s here, because the new functions seem not to work on my pc and on my mobile yet. I’m happy to see your request and will confirm later. Thank you.) 🙏😊

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