Pigeon and Crow

Pigeon is hugely considered as a wise and saintly bird, whereas crows are often considered cranky and wicked. Most people love pigeon more than a crow. But the poet here feels the opposite. This poem describes the writer’s feelings for both the birds.

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Brittle little master

She is young, she is brave, Everyone’s favourite, Anu is her name. In gokul, inside a small hut, Lives a school girl, with lots of guts. She embroiders exquisite pieces, And washes everyone’s dishes. Her…

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An Ode to My Grandfather’s Horse Updivine

An Ode to My Grandfather’s Horse

This poem is an ode to the horse that my grandfather had. I cherish all the beautiful memories, I spent with it.

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The Thought Updivine

The Thought

As the rode past over the bridge that lay over the mighty river swelling with water, he had only one feeling in mind – to give up all, to stop the onward journey and plunge…

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Seasons Updivine Ritika Nahata


Idyllic florescence A neonate, alluring chap blooms like the flower.

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Everything Has A Purpose Updivine

Everything has a Purpose

Everything has a purpose, big or small. Things that you read, see, hear; they all affect your actions. Sometimes they may help win big battles and sometimes battles not so big.

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Anathema Updivine


This poem is about, despite being content with their state; how people have different anathemas at different stages of their lives, starting from the unborn stage to the stage when they are counting their last breaths. And most interestingly, none of these anathemas are real. In the next stage or in the coming stages, people overcome them.
Say for example, when we were a fetus, and we were enjoying the warmth of the mother’s womb; the only anathema was the light and sound of the world. In the next stage (as a child), the person, rather starts enjoying the spectrum of light. What attracts a child the most, is nothing but the bright colors.

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Dare Updivine


Just Be Daring..

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My Dream World Updivine

My Dream – Coordinate Zero-Hundred

This poem simply means that, the world will be my dream world when we are on the coordinate (0,100) of a graph ? on which we have ‘percentage defense expense’ on the x-axis and ‘percentage development expense’ on y-axis.
That is possible when the world economies spend nothing on defense (as maybe there is no fear of any attack and all peaceful). And all the money is spent on the growth and development…

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I have seen it all updivine

I Have Seen It All

Yesterday, I got a good scolding from my younger brother. He said I have been wasting my time since past few months writing. According to him, there are two prerequisites for being a writer, either a broken heart or a residence out of the city in the middle of some woods (like Robert Frost had). According to him, if I can’t write about, or I don’t have either of the two then I can’t be a writer.
So, here is the story of my first love, then the second one, and the finally a failed marriage. He has no idea how many times I had the broken heart and how many times I had to make a move.

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The Mysterious Book They Found updivine

The Mysterious Book They Found

Not all that we hear and read about from the most authentic sources is the correct information. Despite, it being incorrect, it may not be ill-intentioned.  This innocent girl is just scared, to tell the truth to the world; just because she thinks the world will laugh at her. 
Thus, within the confinements of your rigidity, just try and be open to all possibilities.

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Beginning of the eternal Updivine

Beginning of the Eternal

This is one love story which has been closest to my heart, forever. This is the first part of this poem. It describes the beginning of this love story between two eternal souls. For the second part of the story check out ‘Their Last Conversation’.

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Their Last Conversation Updivine

Their Last Conversation

This is the poem describing the last conversation between Radha and Krishna. It is said that after this fateful night they parted. Though the distance was merely physical.

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Life Updivine

Life Like a Big-Bang

For when the time come when universe shall die,
And all will be submerged as one into thy..
Like this would be my biggest achievement,,
When there would be none in disagreement.

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