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Regret | A poem by J W Cassandra at Updivine
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Regret | English Version

-Oh, how I yearn to reach the light,
To walk in light, to live in light!
To walk with airy steps on light-road,
At last the perfection to found!
Sigh of the being arises in light,
Then it bends its head down to water,
It stares to the puddle and till it doesn’t drink it,
Regret stares back to the donkey.

Regret | A poem by J W Cassandra at Updivine
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Bánat | Hungarian Version

– Ó, hogy vágyom a fényt elérni,
A fényben járni, a fényben élni!
Könnyű léptekkel fény-úton járni,
Végre a tökéletességre rátalálni!
Sóhaja kél a lénynek a fényben,
Majd lehajtja fejét a vízre,
Bámul a tócsába, s míg meg nem issza,
A Bánat bámul a szamárra vissza.

Bánat A Hungarian poem by J W Cassandra at UpDivine
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2011. 05. 04., J. W. Cassandra

My name’s here J. W. Cassandra. I use it as a pen-name. I share here at first one of my poems here. Earlier I did so with it on Instagram. Title of my poem: Regret. It belongs to volume 2, “Sun-book”, cycle “Stray Augury” written in 2011 yet. Essentially, it was written in Hungarian, my native language. You can see more on my Instagram account. 

Regret | A poem by J W Cassandra at Updivine
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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I am a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I write from my childhood, in different genres: fantasies, poems, short stories.


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