Fable - A Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson at Updivine

Fable | A Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

A fable is a poetic story composed in verse or prose with a moral summed up at the end, using animals as characters to teach a valuable lesson. This is about a little fight between a mountain and a squirrel.

Fable - A Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson at Updivine
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Furr Love

Remember those days that we spent together. Feels like you’re staying with me now and forever. My dearest friend, I wish those moments would never end. Now that you are free, I hope you are…

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The Howling Dog

Standing down between the human feet, Howling with the pain and without any gain, Who can understand her, o! She can’t speak any word, Just she is howling with many reasons than us, Thus who knows what she pains or urges? A wooden perished kennel where she lies down, Broken, ruined; and swimming in the muddy marsh, Her closed eyes with her feet like a shamed, She is the howling dog, just a crying, wooing and wooing.

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Wild Geese mary oliver

Wild Geese | A Poem by Mary Oliver

“Wild Geese” is an attempt by Oliver to inspire people to be true to themselves and nature rather than run a never-ending race to be perfect for people. And that “you” are not alone with a life full of despair. There are millions, and you will definitely find someone to share it with. You just need some patience. This is also and attempts by the poet to promote human connectivity.

Wild Geese mary oliver
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The Tyger William Blake Poem

The Tyger | A Poem by Willam Blake

This poem depicts Blake’s sheer admiration for the ‘Tyger’ and for the God who made this mortal. This poem is full of questions. There are a total of 13 question marks in the poem.

The Tyger William Blake Poem
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Regret | A poem by J W Cassandra at Updivine


It is a short philosophic poem written on a being looking for the light, but is unable to find the same and regret the same despite being very near to it. Here I am sharing both English and Hungarian versions.

Regret | A poem by J W Cassandra at Updivine
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Pigeon and Crow

Pigeon is hugely considered as a wise and saintly bird, whereas crows are often considered cranky and wicked. Most people love pigeon more than a crow. But the poet here feels the opposite. This poem describes the writer’s feelings for both the birds.

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