Soul existence

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They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, when I look into mine I see an old soul inside. Young with the wisdom of an elder who has lived a long-struggling life filled with god, grief, addiction, vengeance, forgiveness, and love.

How can a soul lose all that was so precious and existed for?
And yet still find the will to live, have faith in God that he would one day give the answer to the question, why?
Easy, it was the only hope that kept me going that one day it would all make sense.
That god would return what was once mine and would mend broken hearts that humans here on earth had slaughtered without an inch of regret.
This soul has managed to overcome, forgive, smile and still love.
Living by the sayings of

“Learn how to dance in the rain”

“Smile through the pain”


“It’s not how many times we fall but it’s how many times we get back up is what makes us.”

I’m a true believer that anyone can fall and anyone can get back up. I’ve seen it so never believe it can’t happen to you.
Did you ever hear of

“Never judge a book by its cover”?

That’s me a misjudged and judged book. With a pretty cover made of steel and a black hole with a girl crying inside, just trying to live.  As crazed maniac keeps trying to take over.

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

I'm from Los Angeles, CA, writing is my natural way of dealing. Whenever something traumatic is happening in my life I always seem to pull out a journal and confide in it.


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