crowd is all there is isn’t it

In the bright clear sky endless stars where are an unnoticed, lonely and dull he was there too light couldn’t reach there all is left is dark would it go to the abyss or somebody…

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Here Again

“…longing for days When the marks on skin were just kisses.”

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meaningless struggle

one day i am gonna drown

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The Mysterious Book They Found - A Dramatic Monologue by Ritika Nahata

The Mysterious Book They Found

Not all that we hear and read about from the most authentic sources is the correct information. Despite, it being incorrect, it may not be ill-intentioned.  This innocent girl is just scared, to tell the truth to the world; just because she thinks the world will laugh at her. 

The Mysterious Book They Found - A Dramatic Monologue by Ritika Nahata
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Covid Catacombs

I use to self isolate to self medicate,          Now suck at home-developing Stockholm We fly through the same corona of pointlessness everyday-                   …

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Here I am Once Again

Here I am again, Asking myself, “Am I not good enough?” I’ve been feeling so much pain in my chest, as you leave me breathless.   I remember when I fell on the ground. I…

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Her Endless Suffering

She’s standing naked in the front of the mirror, Stares at her own reflection as she starts to shiver. She screams when she tries to pick up her own shards, Too sharp that makes an…

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Break-Up Aesthetics Part 2

Part Two of Two – Break Up Aesthetics

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Break-up Aesthetics Part 1

Part One of Two – Break Up Aesthetics

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That Song

That song is a song that is so annoying and you don’t want to hear. It may be the most beautiful to most but could annoy one, for the reason unknown. I have written this poem in a free-verse.

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Fire and Ice by Robert rost

Fire and Ice | A Poem by Robert Frost

Robert Frost chooses the best alternative as a mode of destruction if the world had to end this moment. He chooses the better mode from amongst ‘fire’ and ‘ice’. He is also giving justification for his choice.

Fire and Ice by Robert rost
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This is the third (not in order of writing) of a series that I wrote as an Army Officer posted along the Chinese border in the Himalayas. I went through a period of extreme creative intensity along with a need to self destruct. From several poems that I wrote during that period, I have discarded many but have preserved around 25 which I plan to share on this site, along with a series of stories from a totally different period. In addition to, and alongside my army career, and a corporate career spanning 22 years, I have been a stage and screen actor, and playwright. Some of the poems that I plan to share have been performed on stage as they lend themselves to physicalization. Currently, I use a methodology that I have evolved called “CorporateTheatre” to facilitate experiential learning in high-performance leadership and team dynamics for corporate leadership and teams. This has been welcomed across several Indian and multinational organizations.

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I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt | A Poem by Sylvia Plath

‘I Thought That I Could Not be Hurt’ is one of the first poems written by Sylvia Plath during her teenage years with a sad undertone. In this poem, she wants to express how her life was happy and joyful. And how these pleasant feelings aren’t permanent.

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath
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Toetagged aka morgue

Why are you here did you listen   why did you runwhy did you leave why did you have to do what you did morgue is cold for the young and old for they know not…

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It’s an experimental genre I created, called #mathematicalpoetry (word split, tells a story within brackets)

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