Free Thoughts

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Free Thoughts

Always pushing people away 

Feeling like I’m not okay

But try to smile anyway

Crack jokes online 

Smoke my brains away when the camera off

Love life continues to suck

I make great connections 

Some good conversations 

But I’m always thinking I’m not enough cause of a medical condition

I never even give people the chance to accept it or not

Just close them out

Maybe because the man in the mirror barely accepts it

Always feeling like God made a mistake 

This feeling I can’t shake

Too much Social media in my head

Make me want to stay in bed

I think I’m not enough always in my head

Try to listen to tunes to pass time

Almost every song that plays talks about death

Make me think about my homie that was laid to rest

I know he probably up there watching me not put forward my best efforts

The clock ran out on him before we truly lived life

Makes me want to do more every day 

But I continue to play with time like I can run it back

I can move the hand all I want

But the time will never change

Trust if I could me and my homie would be smoking a blunt right now

Instead, I’m trying to get my life on track

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K. Exum

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