In Heaven’s Sky.

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In realms where colors danced and sang
Where words and images took their stand
I painted worlds of joy and woe
A heart’s reflections, highs and lows

Yet in my heart, a shattered part
Lived in a muted scream
With every stroke, the silence spoke
Of how I’m breaking down

A treasure found in sun and rain
My palette swirled in gentle strains
But Death, he whispered in my ear
A dark yet gentle voice, so crystal clear

“Come now,” he called, “your journey’s done,
You’ve painted all beneath the sun.”
And so I soared on wings of light
To heavens high, beyond the night

Where stardust fell in soft cascade
And angels watched my last charades
In heaven’s halls, I found my peace
Here in heaven, where all troubles cease

In skies of blue and fields of gold
My brush now free, my spirit bold
No longer bound by mortal chains
My art in stars forever reigns

So if you see the skies alight
In colors bold, in pure delight
Remember me, the artist lost
Whose canvas now in heaven’s frost

For though my heart was torn apart
In every stroke, I left a part
Of love and sorrow, joy and pain
In hues that linger, they remain

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Jaasson Takataria

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