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In the maze of the mind, where shadows dwell,
A quest for self, a story to tell.
Insanity’s grasp, a silent thief,
Stealing away the essence of belief.

A mirror gazes back, a reflection lost,
In the sea of thoughts, a heavy cost.
The self once known, now a stranger’s face,
A journey through time and space.

Panic’s grip, voices that call,
Delusions rise, a daunting wall.
Illusions paint a world askew,
A reality that’s hard to construe.

Locked away in mental chains,
Seeking keys to break the strains.
The anguish deep, the heart does bleed,
For answers that forever seem to recede.

An impediment to life’s grand play,
A redrum drama, night and day.
Snapped from the norm, disjointed mind,
In search of peace, left far behind.

The sarong of self, a patterned dance,
Fading fast in insanity’s trance.
To find the way back to who I am,

To reclaim my life from madness’ claim.
A constant question, ever asked,
In the silence of the mind so vast.

The answer sought, yet out of reach,
In the depths of thought, I beseech.

So here I stand, in reflection’s gaze,
Seeking the path through life’s maze.
The answer why lies just beyond,
In the heart of me, forever fond.

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Tracy Toccara

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