Serena Williams “A Dedication”

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Serena Williams

Karen Yelverton

Intelligent, beautiful and kind in all ways

Go-getter, trendsetter, reigning champion of Wimbledon

WTA Tour, French, Australian and U.S. Open


22 Grand Slams!

Never hesitating to take ball and racket in hand

As I accolade on then

Most singles, doubles and mixed doubles

Not that shi* you get from the bar

This mega super star can challenge her challenger

While remixing and dancing to “Bey” 7/11

Knowing God and her sister, Yetunde, are smiling down from heaven

Saying we got you sis, stay focused stay strong

Hit that racket to right every wrong

Born in Michigan raised in Compton

Parents, Richard and Oracene, did things their way

You and your sister Venus at the age of three,

Facing racism at National Junior Tournaments at ten

Which help build tough skin, shaking off ignorance with a smile since back then

None of us can walk a mile in your shoes

Your focus under pressure unspeakable

Proven to be unbeatable almost every time

Showing the world just how good

Natural Black Beauty, Class, Elegance, Intelligence and Talent look

Is all wrapped up in a Queen

Competing in a sport that was not always welcoming

Of women or people of color

But after the Williams sisters

A new era of power tennis was born

It’s your time to shine on sistahs, shine on

Body banging, I repeat—BODY BANGING—no surgery needed here

Inspiring children of all colors worldwide

While they wait for the day to hit that ball to their next opponent

Reminiscing on every moment displayed

By The Greatest of all time

Serena Williams, aka The “GOAT”

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