Whispers of Faith

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Whispers of Faith


I’ve been overwhelmed, anxious, and down,

In this journey called adulthood, I drown.

But in the depths of despair, I find solace,

For I know that God’s hand guides me with grace.


The weight of life’s burdens upon my chest,

Seems unbearable, putting me to the test.

Yet in the darkest nights, a flicker of light appears,

A glimmer of hope that erases my fears.


Whispering winds carry me towards peace,

Revealing the path where blessings never cease.

Spirituality threads through every thought,

Transforming my perspective, the battles fought.


In this realm of unknowns, I find my way,

Through prayers and devotion, day by day.

Faith lifts my spirits and strengthens my soul,

With unwavering trust, I surrender control.


Though imperfect I am, His love remains,

Cleansing my heart from all worldly stains.

For in the embrace of faith’s sacred art,

I discovered healing and a brand-new start.


So let the waves of life crash upon my shore,

I’ll stand firm in faith, forevermore.

Underneath it all, a steadfast belief,

That God has me, despite my grief.

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