The blue stars of another sky

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Milon Sabbasachee


You are now a blue star in another sky

Your eternal joy converges deep in another forest

The whole body was burnt by the primordial fire

Wake up like a phoenix in weeping luxury.


The nomad floats on the current of time and then finally

You are a dreamer who easily walks through the unknown gorge

Maybe a colorful sailor sings unconsciously

“Mind you, take your seat, I couldn’t go anymore.”


The lonely John is not so lonely anymore

He also listens to the birds chirping all night long with the mobile phone

The mountain is equal to the crowd of attainment, yet the storm of inattainment rises

Unaware of light, people cling to darkness.


Some people survive for a while after consuming white cow poison

But the sweet alcohol of artificial love is the sure death of man

As much as one can survive in the poison of sadness

I will no longer be a stupid researcher or a guinea pig

This life has known the meaning of life by smelling the smell of death.

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Milon Sabbasachee

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