Holding time still

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Parts of me


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They plucked my petals, And called it love. Caged me in a vessel, And called it care. Cherished me rotting, And called it vintage. So I grew thorns and Became cactus. The one they couldn’t…

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2 good friends are meeting after a long time.

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A covid-19 inspired poem to give humanity hope.

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It’s about the unfortunate death of infants. Why this injustice happens to them and why they are being given only momentary life. May be our master is cruel or may be we don’t know much.

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I was at home ,shattered They thought I never tried But secretly through my shining smile, I m sorry, I cried   I m sorry for whenever you thought And saw that I lied You…

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To the invisible

And when in the crowd I see your smile Our eyes exchange love And my world stops for a while Never did i think I will change so much Every of my veins crave Now…

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SOCIETY     From your marks to your groom taste Its their opinion which matters to the best     According to them all you can be is perfect Otherwise they know everything of your…

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The Beautiful Past

Will miss you.. Always and forever

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The creator speaks to humans.

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I Would

This feeling is forlorn But who are we To fuss about it? Because It is better than that facade Crawling with temptation Gnawing at us As we start anew In oblivion As the sun is…

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Go On

One should learn to let the past rest. Be grateful to the experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Learn from it and go on. Explore new adventure and never let anything stop you.

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Mohobbat hui, par khudse.

Kuch khoya hai toh Kuch paya bhi hai Maine, dhundane Chali thi manjil aur Khud ko khud se milwaya hai maine. Kya batao aaj Ishq hua hai khud se muje yaro. Etani thokare khake Khudko…

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Influence of someone is okay. But, it’s good or bad you decide.  

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