Yes I was wondering how fast 3 years passed.. Happy Birthday đŸ·

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Walking with eyes closed

  World is beautiful People love each other They are dutiful And care like sister and brother Selflessness is spread in seven continents And their is no pain This world is better than heaven Said…

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I loved. I loved and I loved until it was all I felt…

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U oku  strepnja na usnama nada okna su moja zaleđena da ptice tvoje ne izađu da tvoja ljubav u meni ostane ( By Mladen Marko Tokić ) [email protected] Rights Reserved Bosna i Hercegovina

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An invisible Lisle, Pierced the heart Travelled through chambers, and Raised pleasure. Soon, with stronger Force it heaved back Forming a wound with Agonising pain

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I sexed it

    I mixed it  I sexed it  Bye bye ugly charisma  I checked it  Never follow my shadow  I tricksed it  We don’t go the same way  We don’t know the same way  I…

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In the morning

In the morning  I wake up in the morning I joke at every shining I care of the moon light I care if the noon quite Don’t please mE to laugh you Don’t tease mE…

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Bed and Breakfast

Who wants to buy my below short film story?Please check the story below. maiwandOL is mE. It’s all fantasy. It’s not real story of my life. If you want to change the name of the…

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On Pause

Au revoir — “till we meet again”

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Only If

Only if I’d known  Of the tales of the numb The places the blind man foresaw  Maybe I could have had a story to tell  Only if I’d known  Of the melody of snow drops…

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Inner demons

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Peace in the woods

Sometimes It’s good to spend time with nature..

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My Dear

You are the one for whom I adore.You are the one I was looking for.I love you very much darling.Day by day I am loving you more. Darling I would take your best care.Together we…

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A spouse’s guilt through a letter.

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Mama Gaia Steppin’ Up

I saw Her hesitating yet Though straining at Her very core To reach for Her heredity And justly rule once more…

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