Man is affected by when, where, and how

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Child Welfare

Not my best poem, but something to get off my chest, thank you. Did you know that Canadian child welfare systems have been failing in their duties since 1948? That’s 150 years of Children’s Services Failures. The issue goes far beyond Canada, as North American systems are regulating at the same destructive pace.

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Ayyankali Social Reformer

Kerala was very caste conscious. Hope it will change. I am an IT professional I cannot change it. I considered everybody equal. I am also got influenced by President Lincon’s Gettysburg address. The rest of the time I would like to take It easy ane enjoy retired ;ife.

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The Yellow

Always that one person we come across that makes us feel yellow.

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Led Lights

Feeling like the life got sucked out of you you.

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I Can Never Win

That feeling of being trapped in a box of never ending sad.

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An order placed for a chicken soup and again a hand enters in coop rummaging through their group an afraid one caught by its foot Scared and bemuse flock saw the one leave wondering what…

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The vastness surrounding boggles my mind countless creatures, shrubs and leaves each unique in its own kind like, celestial bodies all around floating in space away from ground Soil somewhere untouched by your feet like,…

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This time shall pass | A Chant poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine

This Time Shall Pass | A Chant Poem

This time shall pass is a chant poem, that talks about the speaker waiting at each stage of life for time to pass, sometimes good and mostly bad times.

This time shall pass | A Chant poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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The poem is all about how people battle with challenges everyday without anyone knowing what they are going through inwardly.

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Phtographic Nostalgia

Nestled in these pages of what I am now holding, Lie a plethora of memories. Photos heartwarming, A life of loving and caring. A book filled with hundreds of stories. I see my mother beside…

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My Best Friend - A Bref Double Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine

My Best Friend | A Bref Double Poem

Bref double is a French poetic form consisting of 3 quatrains and a final couplet, making 14 lines.
It is a 14-line poem, but not a sonnet.

My Best Friend - A Bref Double Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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I still shared it

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My love

You are the one for whom I adore. You are the one I was looking for. I love you very much darling. Day by day I am loving you more.   Darling I would take…

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Yes I was wondering how fast 3 years passed.. Happy Birthday 🐷

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