Science & Religion – Compatible?

Part 2 – Astronomy nad Physics in the Bible.

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Science & Religion – Compatible?

Chapter 1 – The Exception

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What Is Faith?

Real faith is not simply believing.

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The Good Guide To Avoiding Bad Guys

There is a famous description of love that captures it’s essence in a brief sentence. It says that real love is – “Patient and kind.” When a person loves you, they make sacrifices, they put your wishes above theirs, they are concerned for your happiness more than their own.

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The color of Beauty

The color of beautyBeauty is beautifulHer Color is whiteHer Color is blackShe can be blue, red, yellow, orange or greybeauty is beautiful Beauty is roundIs square, rectangle or triangleBeauty is figure one, two, three, four,…

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Four Chambers

I’ve always been fond of One but that was before I was introduced to the idea of more. Then I saw the second smile and I couldn’t remember a time when I ever loved just…

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Shouting Silence

Have you ever heard the sound of silence? It often talks to me.

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Plant of hope

A great man once said, “I traveled the world and got lost, but I looked inside and found a whole world”

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How OTT Platforms in India Make Money and their Key Revenue Model?

Explore the Best revenue model of the OTT platforms in India and understand how it would affect the nature of video content in this blog.

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Waves of idiots

Waves of Idiots

Have you been a victim of opinions? Opinions of those who don’t know. Those who don’t realize and have never been in your shoes. This digital art was created by me for this poem.

Waves of idiots
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Decoding The Illuminati’s Next Major False Flag (Operation Dark Winter) Smallpox/ Monkeypox

I was having trouble downloading the video link, because someone doesn’t like the truth spilling out. The elite control all the media. Please share this video ASAP. The more people see this, the less likely…

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The Thing

The name’s Benjamin Jacob Grimm, An’ I’m from Yancy Street. It’s on New York’s Lower East Side, I’m its greatest athlete!   That’s how I made it outta there; A football scholarship! I ain’t no…

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The Zombie Knight

Sir Bertram was a skittish knight, Quite often prone to fits of fright! He died in service to his king, The victim of a rouge bee sting!   Bertie was just a squire then. A…

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Breast Cancer Won’t Win

I remember like it was yesterday, when you received the terrible news How for a while you were shocked, numb, in disbelief and mostly confused It was as if a war was coming, a war unprovoked, a war you did not choose A battle you had to get ready for, a fight you could not lose

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An incredible miracle, carefree, and we live in it. Please, stand still and breath the generosity of the miracle.

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