Complete Book of Omniscience, by J. W. Cassandra

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Once upon a time, at the crack of dawn, there lived a magician who wanted to acquire Omniscience. Since he learned all the ins and outs of magic a long time ago, he was enlisted in the Sorcerer King’s service. Whether the spells are related or not to magic, he never told anyone. But he had a reputation for his fearsome knowledge, and he was approached one by the other, by those who would have given anything in order to enlist his disciple. And the Magician could choose from them to his liking.

While his only disciple was troubled by his task of knowing the secrets of nature and revealing it to him, he himself was scouring and finding the secrets of creation. Then the law seized him. He did not rest until he had known all the secrets of the Law. Then the Disciple came before him, and he showed his master the secrets of the planets, the stars, the cycle of nature, the alternation of life and death, the transformation of forms, and everything else.

Then they set themselves to the Opus Magnum, or The Great Work, private:

„I have to know the essence of the magic of the soul! Day and night, work together with me!” He instructed his disciple. And as a devoted disciple, he threw himself into the mysteries of soul magic. It took him a long time to find what the Magician was looking for. As soon as he showed him what he had come to, the Magician made him forget everything in gratitude, lest he ever break against him: for he had taken into his head that he would be the Magician King. I mean, the new one, because by then, of course, it already existed.

And so that the Magician could be sure of this, the real, ruling Magician King appeared out of nowhere in front of the former Disciple made ignorant, as he was wandering sweltered in the desert, that is, instead he was barging along.

The wandering Ignorant Disciple thought that the end was here, and a vision of it appeared before him. But the Magician King, in a silky, pitiful, voice with a hint of contemptuous tone, addressed him: „I see you are tired, my dear friend! You’re even thirsty, your lips are cracked… Wouldn’t you drink a sip of water to refresh yourself?”

The wandering Ignorant Disciple nodded only, for he could no longer speak. Then, at the wave of the vision, a cloud descended from the sky, though in the blink of an eye the sun had blinded from a cloudless shining blueness, and a thirst-quenching drizzle fell down to the ground. The Ignorant Disciple drank until he felt that he had finally been renewed.

„Well, my friend,” and with it, the Magician King pulled his lips on a friendly of intention, but fearful smile, „how do you feel”?

„Much better”, replied that, looking at the Magician King in amazement. Now he knew who he was facing, for the drizzle not only quenched his thirst, but also restored his forgotten knowledge.

Then the Magician King waved again, and the disciple’s revived knowledge came to an independent life.

„Let’s see what the old bird knows! He can’t get the secret of secrets at all! That’s mine! And I’ll never give it to anyone!”

And the Disciple’s thesaurus of knowledge revealed: all the laws of nature, the cycles, all aspects of magic, but all this did not even come close to completeness.

But The Magician King barely discovered even the fragments of the secrets of creation, that of the magic of time, that of the knowledge of the Law in these images. For the Magus, who wished to cast him the Magician King from the throne, did not share this knowledge with the Disciple. However, the knowledge of soul magic occurred faintly, blurry like a vision. As soon as the silhouettes began to take shape, the Magician King, whom no one had surpassed in vigilance, immediately noticed. He suddenly clapped one, causing the vision to flow into his ring. And the Ignorant Disciple did not notice anything.

„I hope you’re content with me, Magician King!” The famulus spoke to him to prove his indignity.

„Well, we’ll see, my dear friend! Come with me!” And saying so, the Magician King flew him to the tower with him. And there he entrusted the Disciple to his own famulus: let they train him for martial arts, for all their kinds!

When, after a long time, the famulus reported to the king that they thought the Disciple was ready, the probation came. It’s not my duty to pass the probation. It’s sufficient to say that the Disciple has become a perfectly prepared, invincible and strong warrior in all kinds of martial arts.

„Well, you’ve passed all of the the probation! From now on, you’re a Warrior of Warriors, my soldier, if you like!”

The Warrior of Warriors took notice of all this with a nod. And from then on, he fought alongside the Magician King everywhere. Then, after a long time which spanned entire eras on a human scale, he sent the Warrior of Warriors: „Search for the Magician who has applied for my throne, your former master, and bring him to me!”

The Warrior of Warriors was gone. One nice day he appeared out of nowhere with the Magician, whom he had manacled by his consciousness and prevented him from escaping.

The Magician stared morosely at the Magician King. The latter greeted him with a sarcastic grin: „I can finally welcome you to our circles, my dear enemy! What a moment! Do you see what stands behind me?” He pointed to his throne. „Yes, it’s mine! Just like you are mine from now on!”

„No, I’m never…”

„Of course, you’re!” And the Magician King waved. „Fight your former student here in front of me, Magus! Come on!”

And the magic battle began. It spanned ages before the Magician King brought it to an end, for neither could defeat the other. Then he entrusted the Magician to the custody of the Warrior of Warriors being in the dungeon at the bottom of the Tower.

Deep in the dark pit there were rats swarming, there was always gurgling a little brook in the dark, the remnants of plaster were falling from the cold walls that breathed the moist… After much pensiveness, the Magician figured out how to break out from the Magician King’s prison.

„Warrior of Warriors, you who was my devoted disciple, listen to me! I have knowledge that can overthrow the power of the Magician King. But we can do it only if we two join with each other….”

The Warrior stared silently at himself, motionless.

„What is it, don’t you care about it? Or have you become deaf in the meantime?”

The answer just didn’t come. The Magician came up with another offer.

„If you don’t want to join with me, I don’t mind it either way. Then I’ll keep Omniscience to myself! For while you have turned into a warrior, I have acquired it”, he whispered, barely audibly.

And then it was as if the Warrior of Warriors, the Disciple of old time, had bestirred himself.

Omniscience is a power near that everything else is dwarfed. What would omniscience do with some throne, even if it belonged to the Magician King?! The possessor of Omniscience has all the power, too! Think about it! If you rescue me and you and I join with each other, then you and I will rule the whole creation!”

The Warrior of Warriors set about solving the magic fetters enough for the Magus to escape. But then the Magician King appeared: „What an alliance, my friends! Let me congratulate you! This presumptuousness! Even I myself wouldn’t dare to usurp Omniscience! Omniscience is a divine power, it cannot be possessed! But to learn this thoroughly, I condemn you to this: I will deprive you of the power, Magus, which you are usurping at the moment, but I will leave your knowledge. But from now on, until I absolve you of judgment, you must be born again and again as a human person who always feels that he knows everything, is inaugurated into Omniscience, but in every life he can only reach a scant source of it… From then on, re-research what you once knew, and include it in a book: in the Complete Book of Omniscience! And you, Warrior”, he turned saying so, to the guard, turning from Disciple to Warrior of Warriors, „turn against the Magician in all your lives! Hinder him writing the Complete Book of Omniscience! You can be freed if you realize that Omniscience cannot be possessed, and that struggle alone leads nowhere…”


And it was so: the Magician, measured on a human scale, has been born again and again in the form of a monk, a magician, a copycat, a copier collecting compilations, a scribe, a secret Adept, a secret Master, a scholar, who organizes secret doctrines into scrolls, then into codes, and later books, and where he reveals and collects once the secret of law, then that of the creation and magic into writing, but all his efforts are futile: the connoisseur of secret doctrines, the guardian of secret knowledge, their descriptor takes his knowledge from nothingness – but the Complete Book of Omniscience is always incomplete.

And the Warrior takes once the form of a soldier, then that of a warrior, a knight, at other times a martyr or alike, and he ruins the monastery, where the former Magician writes his scrolls, the Warrior grabs from him those that have been bitterly assembled in secret writing over the years, and the parts of the Complete Book burn to the ground…

That’s how it’s been going on for ages. Then the tables were turned: the former magician figured out how to defeat the Magician King. If he can carry the Warrior over, they can…

„It’s the old long story again!” The Magician King smiled sarcastically in front of his all-seeing sphere.

But suddenly the sphere stopped spinning and deceived the Magician King. Since it maintained the appearance that it was still spinning, the Mage King trusted him.

Yet he lost his ring when he passed his judgment, and the Magician discovered it after eras.

He gleamed it up to the Warrior when he was just attacking him. The Warrior began to see the light as for the jewel, so he set out to ally himself with the Magician, his former Master.

And with the help of the ring, the rotation of the all-seeing sphere, or eye, stopped, as I said.

Then the Warrior recruited armies, who were excellent in all the types of fighting, and the capture of the Tower began. This led to the battle of Armageddon, in which the Magician King was finally defeated.

But he was not defeated by the Magician, nor by the Warrior. It wasn’t even the alliance between the two of them. The great struggle of Armageddon was brought about by divine intervention, so that the Magician King would lose his power, and its reasons were known by all at that time.

The Tower fell, the throne was destroyed, millions died… The Magician King was locked in the bottom of the sea by divine judgment… his followers, who remained yet, sobbed in vain, tried in vain to set free him…

And then the Magician and the Warrior were put under ordeal: „Since you wanted to foolishly expropriate Omniscience, and with that the Power, until the Magician King can return, search for this omniscience for ages! Hinder each other, be primordial enemies, and if one of you is already writing or collecting the Complete Book of Omniscience, the other has to destroy it! Be born enemies again and again until the Magician King returns! The sign of a return will be that you will reconcile and dissolve your hostility in pure love…

On the return, then let the Complete Book of Omniscience be opened to the two of you and take it out of it!”

And so it was: the Magician again gathered, wrote, copied the secret knowledge for ages, and the Warrior burned up his house, overran him while he was writing, and waited for him with a broadsword as he appeared in the outside world…

And one day, suddenly, when the Magician and his former disciple, the warrior, had long forgotten why they were primordial enemies, by divine intervention, the Magus reconciled with his former Disciple, the Warrior, and they continued to search on as alliances in the secret orders for long lives.

Having found the Treasure of Treasures, as they called it among themselves, they were born once more to release this knowledge. They no longer wanted to write the Complete Book of Omniscience, because they knew exactly that initiated knowledge could not be written in a book. It cannot be wasted on unmerited persons, as well.

It was then that the seal of deep pure love and of true knowledge closed the eras of judgment and liberated them, and at the same time the Magician King was released from the depths of the sea. And now the Magician King returned…

Written: 14. April, 2022., by J. W. Cassandra

Translated: 13. May, 2022., by J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I am a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I write from my childhood, in different genres: fantasies, poems, short stories.

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