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Sometimes I sit and think about the time when we were happy little kids and we didn’t have a care in the world. When we could talk to whoever and not be judged, and we could wear whatever we wanted without being judged. The time in our lives when we thought that everything was perfect, But as we get older those imaginary walls of perfection shatter and we start to realize maybe the world isn’t as good as we thought. Maybe it’s all false.  We are all expected to look or act a certain way and when we don’t the world tears us down. Almost every day is a struggle. We try to fit into the mold of others and it breaks us. People manipulate and use others so they feel better about themselves. They try to be perfect but life isn’t about being perfect. Life is about making mistakes and fixing them or learning from them. Sometimes I sit and think about the old days, the days we thought were perfect, the days that were false.

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