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Degeneration A poem by Alyssa Kraft at UpDivine
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haven’t turned on the tv in a while
they forgot what it’s like to smile
we’ve got pent up agression
can’t hold it back much longer.
this generation
was raised to kill each other.
a wide selection
of words or weapons, oh the decisions
it makes no difference.
end result is the same , devastation across the masses.

sleepless nights to survive another day –
in the land of the free, we dig our graves.
now we’re six feet under, screaming out for help.
but they can’t  hear us while their concerned with themselves.

we gotta make noises, get their attention
flash bangs, riots, and then permission
subjects of evaluation
not meant to be caged in
not meant to be raging
but here we are, loud as fuck
going to be nightmares of
the lucid dreaming politicians

Degeneration A poem by Alyssa Kraft at UpDivine
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