The World Is Too Much With Us William Wordsworth Poem

The World Is Too Much With Us | William Wordsworth Poem

William Wordsworth says that instead of living in a high-society, modern world, with up-to-date technology (blooming at the cost of nature), he would rather choose to be a low-born or ‘pagan-born’ and enjoy the scene of Proteus (the moon of the sea) rising from the sea.

William Wordsworth poems are highly inspired by his love for nature.

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A Servant When He Reigneth Rudyard Kipling Poem

A Servant When He Reigneth | A Poem by Rudyard Kipling

‘A Servant When He Reigneth’, is this the scenario that explains the status of the leaders across the world? The ones who could be moved by just anyone and their words have no weights left…
Are they really more than ever a slave?

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Exposure | A poem by Wilfred Owen

Exposure | A Poem by Wilfred Owen

This is one of the finest poems written by Wilfred Owen, in the backdrop of WWI.
In this poem, he talks about how the soldiers sentiently keep waiting for the possible exposure to death, in the poorest of weather conditions. Always ready to die, their brains ache. ‘But nothing happens’. It highlights the effect of the weather on battle-weary soldiers and in addition puts their plight into context when it momentarily touches on the dream of a return home.

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Prayer Before Birth | Poem by Louis MacNeice at UpDivine

Prayer Before Birth | Poem by Louis MacNeice

The poem beautifully presents the thoughts of the poet through the mouth of the baby who is still unborn. The baby is well aware of the gravity of the situation across the world that he is just too scared to take birth. He simply knows that the world is too evil that he will not be able to sustain here, given its innocence.

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Do not go gentle into that good night | Dylan Thomas Poem

Do not go gentle into that good night | Poem by Dylan Thomas

In this poem Dylan Thomas asserts that all men on their death beds should resist death as strongly as they can. They should only leave this world kicking and screaming, furious that they have to die at all. This poem was written by Dylan Thomas for his dying father.

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stop politics over sensitive issues


You can only identify the character of a man during difficult times. Same goes for the society and the nation. The politics and religious wars on the name of rape show how we lack “इंसानियत”.

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Degeneration A poem by Alyssa Kraft at UpDivine


In this poem, the speaker is concerned about the violence fed in the minds of masses by a powerful few controlling the nations. Whereas the solution lies in peace, not anger. This degeneration isn’t needed.

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।।चिरस्थाई भद्रकाल।।

This is a poem about the people who worship every female like a goddess during nine days of the Navratri festival. The people of the same society involved in Female foeticide.

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