I Have A Plan | A Dansa Poem

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I Have A Plan | A Dansa Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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I Have A Plan

I have a plan
I might look lazy
And sometimes even crazy
Things might look gloomy, but I can
I have a plan

I might sit idle in the garden of daisy
loafing around in the weather, cool and breezy
Do not worry if I simply ran
I have a plan

When we walk and the road looks fuzzy
Everything seems distant, dim, and hazy
Fear not the length of span
I have a plan

What is a Dansa Poem?

Dansa is an Occitan Poem that has a fixed rhyme scheme and no set meter. It is a poem that starts with a quintain and followed by quatrains.

What are the rules for a Dansa Poem?

  • The opening stanza of the poem is a quintain (5-line stanza).
  • The second stanza and the following stanzas of the poem is a quatrain (4-line stanza).
  • The first line of the poem is a refrain that repeats as the last line of each stanza.
  • The rhyming scheme of the first stanza is AbbaA (Capital A represents the refrain line).
  • The rhyming scheme of the following stanzas is bbaA.
  • There are no rules with respect to the meter in this poem.

About the poem – I Have A Plan

Some people look too careless and lazy. They look like they take everything for granted, even the most serious things in life. The speaker of the poem is one such person. But they have a plan. They may not choose to say the plan loudly. And sometimes these plans are the biggest mistery.

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I Have A Plan | A Dansa Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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  1. Great post. I admire your creativity: you can try any poetic form in English. Great. 👌🤩😊 (And a private message: I sent you a message by Facebook. The new function seem not to work neither on my pc, nor on my mobile. Though, I’d like to confirm all my riend requests, I’m happy to get them. I couldn’t open even your message here. Sorry.)

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