A Doctor- A Patient

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It was like regular affair
At a hospital near city center
Silent patients awaken every hour
Restless families await crossed finger
Here, chaos and silence blend together

A doctor looked disturbed
Sweat beads on face condensed
They fell smudging text that read
“Tested positive” it said

His hands tremble and breath increase
A patient got terrible disease
Desperate for trying all measure
He knew inside it had no cure

She was young
beautiful like nature
Her eyes bright like sun
Skin of moon color
Her nose like a proud mountain
Heart a sea of golden
Her lips just like rose petal
She was truly death cursed angel

The doctor entered her room
She was watching cartoon
Giggling like carefree teen
Syringes pierced in her vein

She looked somewhat different
Cursed disease’s symptoms
Her hair thin and skin sagged
Withered body, soul preserved

Doctor met her gaze
Greetings! words exchange
Shared few jokes that she learned
Laughter of both can be heard

Then she showed
Drawing of her 5 yr old
She had wings like bird
Was flying away from this world
Suddenly she asked “where is our kid”
“She is at my mother’s place”
Said the doctor cheerfully
While husband inside him wept profusely.

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