She vanished into the smoke

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I am too bad for her

If you don’t know ,She is good for me ,

She makes me think about the universe,

When I look into her eyes I could only see black fumes and flames of fire surrounding her ,

Why do I  will hesitate ?

I am lucky enough to feel the joy of happiness coursing through my veins,

I  want to feel alive , I want to die with her ,

I want to open a new world for me,

I let my arms open and free,

I am too young, there is so much life left in me

And she knows that ,The world is a great big place and I  am not done with exploring an inch of it ,

But I want her to take my soul

I know she peacefully lies in heaven

But I couldn’t bear the pain of seeing

Her remaining getting burnt

I saw a light came upon the burning bed of flames

The light disappears till the flames ceases down to cool

I could see bare eyed

Her soul vanishing into the soul

Keeping my soul adorned with her love on earth.









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