My Dream – Coordinate Zero-Hundred

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My Dream World Updivine
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Once upon a time,

I was four more than nine.

Quite short of the community of nerds,

Not pro at the game of words.

By the teachers I was swirled,

To write an essay on ‘My Dream World’.

Didn’t want to waste my day,

As it was the time for us to play.

So on the paper’s upper half,

 I drew a graph.

Ritika Nahata
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Below was the explanation

Of my dream world’s notion.

The world that lays on the coordinate

On graph where the point reads zero-hundred

With ‘percentage defense expense’

located on the axis-x.

And space to ‘percentage growth spending’

Axis-y is lending.

Disqualified for lack of word’s ground

On the bulletin board, there was a place my ‘essay’ found.



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My Dream World Updivine
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Ritika Nahata

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    1. It simply means that, the world will be my dream world when we are on the coordinate (0,100) of a graph ? on which we have ‘percentage defence expense’ on the x-axis and ‘percentage development expense’ on y-axis.
      That is possible when the world economies spend nothing on defence (as maybe there is no fear of any attack and all peaceful). And all the money is spent on the growth and development…

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