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Its a feeling of resentment for any reason
It may come anywhere in any season
One’s success might lead to another’s displeasure
No one sees hardworking behind achieving that treasure
Many just count chickens before they are hatched
Hence their success and destiny is always a mismatch
Instead of feeling jealous why don’t they compete?
Too much thinking about others retards their speed
They lack focus and think about other
For their goals often they hardly bother
Jealousy is such an incurable disease
It never allows anyone to stay at ease
It steals our peace and makes us restless
We start working as if we are brainless
Because of jealousy, we create many unwanted foes
Who actually help us could always be on toes
Jealousy breeds further jealousy and it goes on
Jealous people are always behind and never wear crown
Sajid Ali Khan
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