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Angelic Kreations
Your Improvement
Your Movement
To open up your minds
Stand Strong
Stand Tall 
Ladies, Queens and Goddesses it’s time 
To shape your future
Attain to obtain your goals
Only you can stop yourself
Let your vision shine
Shine brighter than the brightest diamond or ruby
It’s your inner beauty  
Only you can stop yourself 
Allowing a person, place or process
To distract you from life’s pleasures
While hater’s measure
How and why
We do what we do 
Never will they be able to walk a mile on our shoes 
Jazzeppi’s, Red Bottoms, Jeffrey Campbell’s and Yeezy’s
It’s an everyday struggle
How we maintain our hustle 
We go so hard
Holding down the universe
Giving praises daily 
Thanks be to God
We smile knowing we will never
Receive or get our just due accolades 
But we keep moving forward
Knowing our blessing are to come
From the youth that speak the truth
Watch their lights shine
Shine Brighter than a diamond
On the hand of a woman
Who used to be banned from doing just about whatever 
But we stand tall
Defeating all the odds together
As a group we can empower communities 
With common unity 
Empowerment can be taken to another level
Involving, evolving and building trust
In cooperation and positive communication 
Between one another  
There is a prerequisite for this
Structure, protocols, procedures in place 
Sanctioned against those who abuse
Or choose to loose
Between you, and me
We are responsible for creating opportunities
For sisters to meet and greet 
Share opinions and views
Having fun celebrating life with one another
I wasn’t put on this earth to only work and pay bills
My ancestry runs too deep 
I have miraculous healing power tools 
So don’t be fooled
With the words I spit
It’s time to empower
Cause we were destined to be here without fear
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Angelic Kreations

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