Visions Dteams & Goals

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Visions, Dreams and Goals

Karen Yelverton


Vision, Dream and Goals

You are in Control and it’s time to manifest Your

“Visions Dreams and Goals”

For the father up above has given our Kings the tools

Allowing Queens like you

To carry a child in your womb

Giving birth to this new generation

That has been sanctioned to forget their

” Visions Dreams and Goals”

So it’s left up to us to in trust in each and every Sister and Brother

To your left & right in spite

Of the differences we may face

It’s time to uplift putting fourth our best efforts to fight

Stopping Racism and White Supremacy not with HATE Education


Stop Think for one second,

What are your “Visions, Dreams and Goals”?

One thing we have in common

Are our Visons, Dreams & Goals

And the need to plant a seed, watch it grow and succeed

Against at all odds it’s not hard

If we all work together

Becoming masters at weathering storms

Queens like us can and will keep things calm

We hold the victory it’s in our history

Sometimes hidden deep down in our souls,

But your goals meet your visions in your dreams

And although we may see and experience negativity

It’s the passion for your goals that allows your visions to dream

Aiming higher to inspire

And educate an entire planet

The Here the Now and the


Lets just not get together but love one another working together

Time to refine and refrain from crabs in a bucket that can cut like a knife

We are the 1st Creators it’s true it’s time to fight

With Love, Education, Research,

Reading, Patience,

Self-Reflection and self- Preservation

It starts with self

Always remember they are your “Visions, Dreams & Goals”

No one else

So take them cherish them daily

Watching them Manifest and Grow

Because like SANDRA BLAND only you will truly know!!

If you’ve given your very BEST!!…….


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