Welcome winter

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Welcome winter.
I must say you’re not just a season, you’re our savior.
The summer dries, the rain soaks.
But you my dear ; give a masterstroke.
The apricity of morning uplifts folks.
The frosty breeze of  stary night goes another level, with bonfire & romantic talks.
Rose,pansy,marigold, carnations.
You bring many aromatic hues ; along with Christmas celebration.
Gifts,holidays, Santa & cakes.
You give opportunity to travel with friends and family & say Dude! You need a break.
You’re passion, you’re love, you’re desire, you’re awesome,  you’re not just a season.

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Debasmita Tripathy

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I culture the thoughts in my mind & they take the shape of words. Writing isn't my hobby it's my happiness.

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