Observations of Town

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Note #1:

As I walk among the ruins of an empire,

Bathed in bad omens and bitter prophecies,

Its people ignore the tolling of Death’s bell.


Note #2:

I found lost ghosts neck-deep in grief,

Time slipping through spectral fingers,

Amongst carved hearts of past tragic loves.


Note #3:

Passing rundown shops either show off

Months old décor, boarded up windows,

Yellowed flyers or dated advertisements.


Note #4:

Spiderweb cracks and empty spaces,

Wildflowers take root, ivy tightly coils

Around old relics, decades of nostalgia.


Note #5:

Graffiti has now become death notices,

Funerals for childhood haunts and teen habits,

As silent and sad estates dwindle in youth.


Note #6:

Negligent governance sitting pretty in

High seats and plush offices do not care

As rust and dust clogs up lungs daily.

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Elaine Mullarkey

About the Author: Elaine Mullarkey

A wordsmith and bibliophile who also goes by the penname of Molly Lane. You can also check out my other written material on my Tumblr page https://blogmollylane.tumblr.com/.

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