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When days seem dull and interlaced with fright
I get immersed in endless episodes in OTT.
The boredom slowly engulfs life and i turn antsy
No amount of postive reading makes me less queasy
The void space embraces darkness with affinity
While the mind is suffocated to infinity.
The entire house seems so caged
And i rush out in a rage.
One look at you, is all that matters
The thunder insides splutters
My gasps turn into a rythmic breath
as calmness builds in sheaths.
I kneel down towards you.
You are blissfully in full bloom
Radiant and dissolving all gloom.
Swaying in the gentle wind with all grace
U give me a sweet embrace.
I shiver at your revered touch
Those velvet petals i gently clutch.
With such warmth, you convey
Take your time, set your pace
This is not a race to ace
Its okay to slowdown and rest
But bounce back for the Best.
I bloom knowing that i would wither
Change doesnt make me dither.
So shine bright ,you blissful soul
While the world resumes its roll.
Light as a feather, i resume my day
With all gratitude to nature for my gay.

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Gayathri Mani

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