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Negative thinking people have excuses for everything they say and do It’s always someone else’s fault that they bring bad news and vibes to you Whenever you see this person they never have anything nice to say They think the world is out to get them and nothing seems to go their way

It so tiring to listen to them cry the same old dried up sad song Nothing but bad luck follows them and everything always goes wrong They wake up in the morning afraid to get up out of bed Having tossed around all night from worries filling their head

There is a way to change this gloom and darkness into a more positive light But first you must begin your day with gratitude for wanting a fresh insight Just for seeking a better way you will be surprised by what you find Believing the answer will come to you will cause expansion of your mind

As time passes, you will find your new positive point of view will grow If you feed it with what you hope to become, unexpected help will overflow Creative visions of things to be will bring about emotions of hope and happiness You’ll begin working towards those goals, no longer plagued by troubles or stress

Learn to trust your intuition and let it guide you along the way It will grow stronger as you use it more and more each day There is much abundance in the world here for you to enjoy Enough for every single one of us, man, woman, girl and boy

Once you go along this path, you will never want to turn back For you will have learned the secret to stay on the positive track There is a lesson in every experience that is brought into your life Accept the bad along with the good and don’t bow down to strife

You can handle whatever comes You don’t have to know why it was sent Because all things are brief and fleeting Don’t forget to enjoy every single moment

If you feel overwhelmed by things in your life, Slow down, reflect and meditate Solutions will come with peace and joy If you just learn to wait

You become what you think about most of the time So think only of good things A thought has power, starting a chain reaction What you manifest is what it brings

Like seeds that are planted Poison or wheat, good or bad, both will grow Your mind is like fertile ground And what you reap, comes from what you sow

So turn negativity on its head Do not allow it to lead or guide you Choose to be more positive instead And there will be nothing you cannot do

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