Peace-poems: Banal, Divine Caricature, And Today?, Today, by J. W. Cassandra

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Banal, by J. W. Cassandra

The sky bursts into flames
above the peaceful, sleeping humans:
the missils are settled in
and the first strike is on starting,
maybe even an evasion doesn’t needed:
the dormant keeps snoring,
he turns round and dreams
on; above his head
the killer missils
swish of a metallic lustre.

Tomorrow the papers’ll report it, anyway…

Written: 01/12. 1982., translated: 21/01. 2020.,
by J. W. Cassandra

Divine Caricature
by J. W. Cassandra

We all know well –
even if we have never killed –
convulsion of hanged man,
we know swish of blade,
last hissing of gorge –
and we don’t yet search for peace.
Who wishes only to kill instead of peace,
that human is a caricature, not divine likeness.

27/11. 2019., by J. W. Cassandra

And Today?,
by J. W. Cassandra

And today?
What is to live the only chance?
Who is the brave?
Who is for peace a model?
The Sage turns away,
his hand waves: there’s no chance…
Till through ages the human nature is immutable,
Till it baths in greed, hatred, jelousy,
Till it doesn’t feel: killing, war are enough,
Till then there’s no change:
Till then laws of war remain immutable.
There’s no time left for sleeping again…
Awake, turn around!
Be for peace the model!
This is the only chance…
So the Sage turns to embrace us, again…
All we are but, for peace
the last chance,
the pathway…

21/01. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

Today, by J. W. Cassandra

And today? Where is peace?
All the immutable laws of love, peace
are but made a game of them,
to sleep, to dream there’s no time left…
The sky turns above us around,
who plays the laws false
remains in this hellish hole…
Turn around of your axis,
see the fragile fear and yearn in your mates:
there’s no time any more to hesitate…
Immutable laws of love live
in you, don’t debate!
Be it’s embassador, to live!

21/01. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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