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TBH Part 2: 

To be honest

I feel like a kid in detention 

Who never learned his lesson

You was my blessing 

No wonder I’m stressing 

Since you been gone, I sunk into deep depression 

I’m sorry I’m on this mic letting off aggression 

This the second time I had to talk about you

I feel like a real idiot 

No wonder I use to fail tests

Because I never paid attention 

I gave you no attention 

Writing this like I’m going to gain some redemption 

I might not be good at math but I know me plus you equals completion

Time past and you went on so why am I still thinking about you 

I don’t know why I let you go

I’m so messed up in my mental

Went into this thinking it was difficult 

But it was really simple 

Just pay attention and I may could have kept you

So many stepped on you

Left you damaged 

Now I hate all of them I just want to go on a rampage

Looking to the sky listening to god tell me to turn the page

Your done with that chapter 

I’m no actor

These are feelings I can’t make up

I sometimes wish we could make up

Although I wear this smile

I sometimes think I should stop faking 

Knowing my heart is breaking 

We use to be close, closer than 2 fingers

Man I swear this pain just lingers

I feel like a dozen bees stung me, this love shit is a real stinger

I wish you would call so I can her that designated ringer

I just can’t get that beautiful smile out my head

No one seen your beauty like I did

This pain is unbearable 

My love for you is untouchable 

 I’m just being honest 

Part 2

Sometimes I wish I can call you

But that dream never fall through 

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K. Exum

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