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I want you

But then again, I don’t want you

At the same time I want to wake up next to you

Sometimes I just want to swoop in for the rescue 

But thoughts set in like what can I offer you

Like all I want out of this life is a rider

Someone that’s going to hold me down

Through the ups when I’m shining bright and when times get darker than the sun going down

I just hope that I have a Woman to keep me up when that time comes around

I already know what betrayal feel like 

So I just pray that no lover makes me feel that pain

I want someone that will heal me when I’m in pain

Basically, I want someone that I can really claim

Someone that will ride forever 

But saying that makes me second guess myself

Cause you can be all that by being yourself 

But I wonder cause will I ever be half of that by being myself 

I heard relationships are like a 50,50 thing and I don’t even have 20, so how does that help

Sometimes I just wonder am I man enough for a relationship 

Since I’m being honest, that is just some of my issues 

Some issues that I couldn’t explain 

Although my emotions for you couldn’t be tamed 

I wanted you but I was going through so much pain

Depression kept me back, but I still feel like I need to change

So many thoughts run through my mind on a daily got me going insane

But I just still want to see that booty start poking

See that’s my problem always thinking about stroking

I see why I’m your ex

Cause I gave you so much stress

You deserve a man that’s golden

I can honestly see myself not being your next

Because all I’m worried about is having sex

Instead of being in your corner like a ref

But like a cop, I was just waiting to make the arrest

I honestly can say you take my breath away

But we could never be together cause I’m just worried about getting the box

And I’m so mad at myself for it

So me having you, I’ll have to give up the idea

Because that boyfriend roll I just don’t fit

Right now you need to focus and I don’t want to cause conflict 

But I can’t lie

You be on my mind 95% of the day

So I don’t know why I’m trying so hard to push you away

It’s crazy how you got me under this spell without opening your legs

Who said love isn’t a drug

Cause you got me stuck

But I’ll get through it

Whoever you end up with is a lucky guy

I just hope the next guy know your worth

I know what you went through I hope you don’t get hurt

You need Someone that doesn’t think like me

Someone that doesn’t act like me

Someone that you can call your King

TBH, maybe you already found your King

I know this is the end

I’ll just leave this off with what I said in the beginning

I want you

But then again, I don’t want you

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K. Exum

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