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Dear Whoever
I can’t believe we been together for 8 years
I would ask you to grab a glass so we can say cheers
But let’s not forget you only here because of my peers
I have been waiting for Jesus to finally steer
At times I feel like he’s deaf because he’s still not here
I guess it’s time for me to steer
I just got to ask you something
Why do you continue to keep me from resting?
When you come it’s everlasting
And I keep asking
Why do I let you get to me?
Every time you come my heart gets so much pain and I drop to my knees
I just want to be free
When you’re around I just get so angry
You kept me from so many things in my life
I don’t know why I try to fight
Just looking for god to hit the lights
Day after day I try to strike
With all my might
I continue to lose this fight
Things In my past that I wish I handled differently
I think about this frequently
I should have known my family didn’t have my back like a backpack
The same situations be having me backtrack
Is blood really thicker than water
I seem to always say that line cause when I needed my fam the most, they were all out of order
Just these sort of talks I have, always bring me back to you
Cause Your one hell of a drug
I can’t just ignore it and give it a shrug
I gone let too many use me as a rug
I think god trying to keep me from making a mistake
I’m tired of hearing people tell me sorry
Cause seeing you everyday is already my scar
You make my life so hard
How am I ever going to go far
With you by my side I continue to look back
I’m getting tired of these tracks
But sometimes I need to vent
I don’t have insurance so I need to call a mechanic cause my heart still has this big dent
I been suffering for too long like flint
Forget calling you whoever
I know your name by heart cause you been here forever
I’m just tired of depression

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