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It’s abstract

It doesn’t make sense at first

Its bright and complex, blurred but mesmerising

With every line, every splat, every smudge

You tilt and you turn determined to understand it

Finally you squint and suddenly its perfect

It’s clear. It’s a beautiful mess.


You and me, we’re abstract

You were my accidental brush stroke

Adding mystery to my painting

We’re unclear and so blurry.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find an angle to make sense of us

And then I squint

I squint until I see our beautiful mess

I squint until the blurred colours are no more

In that moment we’re perfect


I’m so tired of squinting.

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Kea Tamara

About the Author: Kea Tamara

22 Aspiring author Poetry & Stories Find more: INSTA: @keawriteshere for poetry WATTPAD: @tamarareadshere for upcoming stories Happy to share and follow 🙂

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