Charity ( a love story)

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All rights reserved,

Hey really thanks for reading my book,
& all of these events are just imaginary.

Please don’t get offended!

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All rights reserved.
The characters & situations in this story are entirely imaginary & bear no relation to any real person & event.

And i didn’t named the characters & didn’t mentioned time or century because i don’t want to go so much in detail of little things!

* * *

First of all here is the description about all the characters.
Dad: A kind & very pious man with a very grave personality.


Boy: A young & naughty boy with an arrogant personality.
Girl: A pretty & loveable young girl.
Father of church: A good & kind person who runs an orphanage.

* * *
Orphanage, a home for those who losses their love ones or it can be said as, A home for those who’s parents left them.

There’s also a church attached to that orphanage & father was the caretaker of that whole church & orphanage.

Near that orphanage there was a house of a Dad & Boy!

Dad, a man who is the trustee of that orphanage,who gives a huge amount of charity to orphanage monthly,

her wife died in a car accident when their Boy was just 5 years old.

They both really misses the Mother,

One day his dad took the Boy to the orphanage for doing some charity,

boy asked his father that why he gives his money to this orphanage,

Dad replied with a smile, Charity means helping poor & needy people with money, helping others with your efforts is also Charity, giving your special thing to the one you love is also a Charity!

Dad also said that this orphanage is the place where your mom & I first met.

We both were the part of this orphanage,

And now i am alive & successful just because of this orphanage, and doing charity to this orphanage was also the last wish of your mom.

When dad was busy in meeting with father of church, Boy was roaming in the playground,

There he saw a pretty Girl sitting alone under the tree’s shade & reading a book, while other kids were playing in the ground,

Boy was staring at the Girl not just because of her pretty face but also for loneliness there,

Behind him the Dad appears & said this is the place where your Mom and I were used to play, such a beautiful place it doesn’t changed very much,

Now come on let’s go home!

After that day, Boy goes with his dad to orphanage every month & observe that book reading girl.

But one day that Girl noticed that the Boy observes her on same day after month to month.

Girl also looks back at him with her attractive eyes & a smile on her face,

They both wants to talk to each other but couldn’t do that!

But the next month Girl was not there, Boy asked to the father that, where is that girl?

Father replied,
That she was adopted & now she is with her new parents.

* * *

Girl’s Past

That was a silent night when the father of church found a cute little girl on the stairs of orphanage, hardly an age of a year.

Father of church raised up the Girl like his own daughter, Girl was very quiet & shy in her childhood that’s why she became favorite of father.

Father sometimes thinks that how could anyone leave a child like her?

Day after the day Girl has proven very luckily to the orphanage, because very much charity has counted after that day & many people joined to the orphanage to help,

Girl was very fond of education,
She was an extraordinary student at school,
She loves to read books in her spare time,

One day when she was reading book, she noticed a Boy that came to orphanage with his dad, & when he enters the garden he started starting at her.

After that day every month he came there & just stare her, Girl also likes to see him there every time,

Because she doesn’t have many friends in the orphanage,


One day a middle aged couple came to the orphanage, a jolly man with his blonde wife, they want to adopt a child,

They saw the Girl & talked to her, she was very polite with them, couple decided to adopt her,

When they told father that they wants to adopt her father just smiled & said that she’s my favourite I raised her like my own child, take care of her,

When she was leaving father said in a sad & polite tone that ” he’ll miss her so much, he loves her from her childhood & will always loves her & whenever you needs me I’ll be there for you.”

The Girl lives a great life & many memorable moments with her parents, they were very kind to her,


When she was at the age of fifteen her parents died in a car accident & she became lonely again.

She came to father of church after a very long time, father on seeing her gets his eyes wet, then the Girl weeps,

She told him about her parent’s death, the Girl was feeling very sad & lonelier,

Father gave her support & advised her to continue her studies in a boarding school, & told her be brave, without parents many people will try to attack you in this society but you have to fight!

Since her childhood father’s advises are very useful for her, She thinks about it & agreed to take admission in boarding school,

After staying for some days at orphanage she went to the boarding school & every weekend she wrote a letter to the father of church.

* * *


At the age of 18 our Boy is studying in college, no not really studying just enjoying his teenage,
In the way of party, drugs & alcohol.

Our Boy is now such a bad boy the school, he used to tease & misbehave with other students,
Teachers also don’t likes him,

Dad is not really feeling well these days because of his old age & of course his Boy.

Dad wants him to complete his education seriously & set his bread and butter at better state.

Now Dad haven’t enough money to do charity, he also wants his Boy to do some charity to that old orphanage, now that orphanage is not in a good condition.

Father of church hardly, very hardly makes the both ends meet. Father of church & Dad do efforts & to complete the needs of orphans, because there are still some people who cares for orphans.

Dad is used to talk to his wife in room with a big frame of her photo, At night Dad tells her about his all day activities, Dad also tells her about the non serious behavior of their boy among his studies.

He knows that she too didn’t feel good on hearing it!

Now in the college new session was about to start, new students with new dreams & goals were very excited & also feeling terrified because they have to face senior’s ragging first!

* * *

New Session

New day in the college for the new session students, but its an old trend of ragging that they have to face.

Seniors were standing at the gate to say welcome their juniors, new students came one after another & being ragged, our Boy was also there & doing the same thing that other seniors are doing,

At some distant they hear a voice of a girl that were protesting against the ragging,

Boy begin walking towards her, as he was moving towards her he thought that he have seen her before but he didn’t take it seriously, when he approaches her & about to say something, principal approaches them.

Principal warned all the seniors to not to do ragging again & greets the new students into the college, after that Boy get furious & plans to take revenge from the Girl.

Next day the boy was planning to wet the girl with water in front of whole college, but luckily Girl was absent that day.

On next day Boy was looking for the Girl to tease her.

When the boy reaches the college’s garden he saw the Girl was reading a book under the tree, on seeing this he stands still.

Yes that was the same Girl he have seen in the orphanage, when he was a kid,
Boy was standing still & starting at the Girl, The Girl seems that the Boy is here to tease her, she came near to the Boy & said that she is not afraid of him, & just walked through.

* * *
Remember me?

Boy didn’t expect that he’ll meet the book reading Girl like this.

She’s the same Girl, now Boy knows this, but he also knew that the Girl didn’t recognize him.

He didn’t slept all the night & just thinking about her,

Next day the Girl was same, reading book under tree, Boy came near to her & asked “remember me?”

Excuse me, Girl replied.

Boy said that I am the same Boy! Ahh! In orphanage,, many years ago, actually we both sees each other, you reads book under the tree & I used to see you behind the tree,

I hope that you remember me!

The Girl was shocked,

The Girl was disappointed by knowing that the Bad boy of the college is the same Boy who stares her in the orphanage. The Girl asked her self that, How could he?

Girl aggressively replied: so what, you are just an irresponsible person who didn’t care about anyone & have a bad attitude,

This do not gonna change my mind that you stares at me because you like me!
I have heard all about you & your family, you even didn’t let your father to do charity now, you are such a greedy person.

Your attitude is just because of your father’s money. First do some hard work to earn money & then came back to me.
By saying that all, Girl left.

Boy didn’t expect all this from the Girl, Boy admits that he is not such a good person.

But what he can do about that, he got bad company of friends, in his childhood her mom’s death really affects his studies & he started behaving very badly,

The words that came out the Girl’s mouth really hurts him.
After that day, Boy didn’t hurt anybody & treats everyone very kindly.
The Girl noticed him & heard about his new behavior, the Girl realized that might she said too much to him.Girl wants to say sorry about that she said.

* *
“Today I am gonna meet him & will say sorry” Girl telling herself this standing in front of the mirror,

But she’s feeling embarrassed & terrifying from inside about his reply,

She came out of her hostel room, but can’t from the Boy’s thought, she was walking slowly almost forgotten that she’s getting late for her class, her roommate tugged her by saying that, come on we are getting late,

She also can’t help herself, even in class she can’t concentrate on the lecture, she was planning to tell the sorry to Boy in half time in cafeteria,

Now its half time & she’s walking towards cafeteria,
She’s saying to herself that not to worry, it’s ok, just say sorry & everything’s gonna be alright,

She’s gathering courage to say that but an unknown feeling is disturbing her inside,

She was thinking that the Boy was in the cafeteria,


Many students was there including Boy’s all friends except the Boy,

When she asked them about him, They said that now he spends his mostly time alone, don’t know why!
He is in the library now sitting alone,

On hearing this she came to know he doesn’t tell anyone about that day, now she gets more curious about him,

She’s afraid that on hearing sorry, Boy will shout out on her & says that she is making fun of him,

Now she’s is in the library looking for the Boy, but it’s difficult to find him in such a big library, she was moving beside the shelves of books & feeling anxious about him,

But, she has to meet him to clear all misunderstandings between them, She was in thought of this.

She has to hide behind the shelve as she thought the Boy have seen her,
But, luckily he didn’t.

She peeks at him, he was sitting on the corner table of the library room. He was just sitting there, book was in front of him but he is in thought of something else,

Silent & looking quite good, now she knows that she has to talk to him, she reluctantly moving towards him, gathering courage to say that word, “sorry”

Somehow she manages to reach him, now he is out of his thoughts watching the girl, who is standing still in front of him seems that she’s trying to say something,

& the Girl was in confusion that how to express her sorry to him, she wants to say sorry first but she didn’t know why she said “Remember me?”

* * *


Finally Boy thought that now he has chance to have some words with the Girl,

While, Girl was standing embarrassed in front of him & thinkingwhy she said that,

Few moments later,

Girl just said it that,
See I am sorry, about everything, i thought that I said too much that day,

Boy wasn’t expecting that he was completely in a surprise,
Boy replied,
Thats not your fault maybe I am really that bad,

Girl cuts him & said that, no really I apologize, I shouldn’t have to be that much rude, even after knowing that you are the same boy from the Orphanage,
Ok, let’s forget everything & start a new friendship, Girl said that by moving her hand towards him for a handshake,

Boy agreed it on that moment, but have something in his heart that he wants her to know but its not the right time,

By saying that Girl left because she gotta catch a class,

In night both was thinking about each other & that meeting, they thought finally all problems between them are settled, but there’s something else that life planned for them,

Next morning both were excited to see each other, both wants to make it special, flowers that Boy bought for her & Girl get dressed in a pretty dress,

After the lecture when Girl was leaving the class, she found him standing outside holding beautiful flowers, Girl came to him with a smile & received flowers, with a reply “Thank you”

Boy complimented her by saying that she is looking very pretty, Girl replied “Thanks”

Sitting in the cafeteria, both were talking simply to each other, finally they were together & there meeting was great.

Day after day they became very good friends & came very close to each other,

After years,

When they was alone in his car after their graduation party,
Both were talking about how all the time passed so quick, we graduated today Girl told to the Boy,

The Boy thought that it’s the right time,
My mother will be very happy if she was here! Boy said that in an emotive voice,
I really love her, in childhood i was used to play with her, i am not so close to my father he was always busy in his work even on holidays, but mother always there for me,

Girl is looking at him quietly,
He continued, but when she died i really got shocked, i cried whole day in my room, after that day, me became an aggressive person with an arrogant personality, i didn’t mean be a bad person.

Boy stopped talking & looks at the Girl,
Girl was looking restlessly at him,
Girl came near to him for cute little kiss on his lips,

They smiled by looking at each other,

Girl told him that how she spend her life in the Orphanage, waiting for her parents to adopt her,
But when she get parents & spending a happy life,
That accident happened, took my parents away from me.

Both were looking each other in an emotive way,
Boy gave her a tight hug….
& said that i am very happy, after that all the hurdles Finally we are together!

* * *

Orphanage Again

After college, they both have rented an apartment & decided to live there until they are able buy there’s own home,
Girl started a job of nurse in a hospital & Boy started working in his Dad’s company,

Now its been a very long time they haven’t visited the orphanage,

So on a sweet sunny day, they both decided to visit the orphanage, after a long time they are going to the orphanage & they were very excited,

The old Father of church welcomed them, Father didn’t surprised of them because Girl told him everything about them through her letters,

Both were walking in the garden & stood under the same tree, where the Girl used to read the book, they were happy,
Seeing them happy Father was smiling,
But he was also thinking about the children of orphanage,
That Orphanage is now about to end, Because now nobody does charity or any other favour,

Sitting in the Father’s office, Boy & Girl was sad about orphanage,
They both give some money in charity & that’s the best thing they can do,

But when everyone drinking tea silently in the room,
Girl said that we’ll take the responsibility of Orphanage,

We’ll do anything to keep this orphanage running,

Father looking her with a smile & he believes that she can fulfil the responsibility, but the Boy was in a shock that how can she do that,
Boy didn’t said something in front of Father because he can get hurt by listening his “No”

After coming home Girl started thinking about some new ideas for orphanage, but Boy is quite about that & thinking about that how they gonna do that,

Girl looked at him & asked ” What happened?”
We can’t make it! He replied

How we gonna do this, all responsibility of orphanage, donations, settlements etc. He said that all in one breath,

Girl is looking at him in a curious way, that how could he say that,

Boy said that how you can make it during your job,
Already you have very tough duty to do,
At the end of day you get really tired so how…..

Boy was in a serious mood,

Girl said him that you have to calm down, i am just trying to help the Father & if i find it difficult than i’ll quit my nursing job,

I wanna do this, i wanna help the orphanage & you also have to help us that was the home of your Mom & Dad.

I am not going to do that, Boy replied

I have a job in office & i can’t quit it for just helping orphanage, one of us have to keep our bread & butter running & don’t risk your future, you can get promoted with a good salary,

I don’t want good salary, your is enough for both of us & i wanna help them in any way! Girl said that in serious way,

If you gonna do this than “ok” go goodbye Orphanage again coming in our way, Boy said that angrily & goes to his room,

On hearing this Girl packed her stuff , left the apartment for orphanage!

* * *


After that day Girl left their apartment & started living in the orphanage.

She worked all day long to make orphanage running,
Also her friends from hospital helped her & find people who can give some funds for orphanage,
Now it’s been 6 months that she is working for the orphanage & she really did it great.

She made the Orphanage a better place for kids, walls were painted, new furniture, new flowered garden.

In these past 6 months Girl didn’t talked or meet to the Boy but really worried about him, & Boy also never visited the orphanage after that day but always thinking about her.

One day Boy’s dad got a call from the Orphanage that the Father of the church is no more!
Dad gets shocked on hearing this, he called the Boy & told him that we are going to the orphanage!

Boy replied that he won’t go there because of the Girl,

Dad told him, we are going because of father’s death.

Boy also feels really sad about it & agreed to go to the orphanage.

In orphanage Girl was really sad, weeping really bad & she really needs the Boy with her but it can’t happen because they are not together anymore & she is not really expecting the Boy to came here.

When the funeral of Father is going on, Boy & his dad appeared & meeting people, consolidating others!

Boy walked towards other people ignoring the Girl, but dad came to her, gave a hug & said that father was a really great man, he is looking you from the sky & don’t cry, he won’t like to see crying.

After the funeral,

Girl was sitting alone on a chair with a photo of father, Boy standing at distant looking at her without being noticed by her,

Dad sat next to her by saying that don’t worry about him, he just need some time, he’ll be fine.

Girl asked to dad, “Father or Boy?”

Dad replied:
My Boy, i know him very well, he just gets moody sometimes, but after he gets back to normal.

Believe me he really likes what you are doing but he can’t accept that in front you, a little arrogant! You know,

But its almost 6 months, Girl said
Time passed so fast past these months & he…
He didn’t even came here or called me, didn’t asked that how am i?

Did you? Dad said

No, see your age is really complicated, people at your age wants someone’s attention but, no one wants to give attention!

You two have to sort out problems by talking to each other not by boycotting each other.

By saying that dad left,

By thinking about dad’s advise Girl came to the Boy from behind & said,

Hi, I think, we need to talk!

* * *

Love in Charity

Both sitting in garden under the same tree in orphanage,

How are you? Girl asked,

Fine & you? Boy replied,

Girl started in clear voice,

Not fine, when i came hear i was not fine.
I faced many difficulties & in every difficult situation i wish you should here with me, but you never came.

I started keeping myself busier than anyone else just because not to miss you, i worked really hard, i just wanted to help the orphanage.

But you didn’t, i don’t know why you hate this orphanage.
Girl have tears in her eyes.

Boy cleared his throat & said,
From that night, the night you left me, i cried & after that i never smiled!
I always missed you, your laugh, your little habits.
And ah… i don’t hate this orphanage, i just don’t wana share you with anyone.

I didn’t wanted you to give your all time & attention to the orphanage, i can’t give you to the orphanage, i can’t give my Love In Charity!

Both looking at each other with tears in their eyes,
They hugged & kissed each other,

After that conversation they goes to the church & prayed for their future, happiness & family.

When they came back with everyone else in tha hall of orphanage, Dad became very happy to see them together.

And in front of everybody Boy proposed the Girl for marriage,
By seeing him on knees & asking for marriage, this makes the Girl very happy & she said yes!

* * *


After proposing the Girl,
Boy asked her to come home with him,

But Girl said that she can’t go right now because she have some paper work to do,
After Father the orphanage is now her responsibility,
She said,
You & Dad go home i’ll come tomorrow, prepare for wedding,dresses,photography & on my wish please, can we get married in this orphanage?

Ahh, why not?
Boy replied! With a smile.

By seeing them happy, Dad says that if your mother would be here she’ll be really happy for both of you!

After saying goodbye both get into their car & left for home,

After they are gone, Girl was doing her some paper work & also thinking about their wedding, she is really happy & hopefull about their future, i have really amazing plans for my wedding & i also wish Father and my parents would be here with me!
Wedding day is the most special day of every girl’s life,
And i’ll also gonna witness my special day!
She prayed for their future,

She get disturbed & came out of her thoughts by phone’s ring,
She picked it up, still smiling,

When she was answering the call her friend came to her & she saw that suddenly the smile from her face was gone, after putting down the receiver,

She was in a shock,
What happened? Friend asked!

She was sitting on chair & tears started flowing through her eyes,
She said that the call was from hospital & they said that the car of Boy and Dad had an accident with a truck & they both are now in hospital!

Her friend said that so we should have to be hurry! Come on, we have to go to the hospital.

Girl said in a weeping voice, ” what if they die?”
I am gonna be alone again, no wedding, why? Why me!
Girl started screaming & got out of control,

Her friend took her to the car & forced her to sit in the car, Girl is screaming the same thing continuously!

After pushing her into the car, her friend started drive to the hospital, all the way during drive Girl is continuously weeping,

After reaching hospital, they both were very worried & when on the reception they asked about the Boy and his Dad,

They came to know that Dad died on the spot of accident & the Boy is on his last breath in the ICU!

They both ran towards the ICU & when they reached to the Boy’s bed, his eyes were open & he is looking at her,
He smiled, as he is saying that he is now relieved by see her on his last breath, & waved his hand towards her & closed his eyes forever!

A loud scream of Girl ” Noooooooooo!”
Echoed through the hall,

And she started weeping very badly, her friend is trying control & console her.

After about half an hour when the Boy’s friend was there, they dealt with the police & hospital’s formalities & when they all were taking the bodies to the car, a nurse came to the Girl & handed over a “Letter” to her,

Girl asked whats this, nurse replied that the Boy wrote this letter for you!

* * *

My Dear Girl

Girl is sitting alone in her room in the orphanage,

Funeral of both Boy & his Dad is going on in the garden,

Door gets knocked,
Her friend said from the outside,
Hey come on get out of the room funeral is going on downstairs! I know you are sad & upset but life must keep going!

Girl replied,
I don’t want to live a life like this,
I doesn’t even imagined a life like this,
I don’t wanna live in a world where, everybody who i love, dies!
I am gonna suicide!

Don’t you dare to do anything stupid like that!
At least read the letter,
You haven’t read the letter till yet!
At least read the letter for one time.
Her friend leaves after saying that,

Girl haven’t read the letter yet, she have it front of her on the table, but couldn’t gathered courage to do so.

Different thoughts are popping up in her mind, what can be possibly written in this letter, why he left a letter, what he was trying to say to me, what if he had secrets?

Girl was very confused in her thoughts,
She moved towards the table, trying to pick up the letter, her hands were trembling,

She was standing there like a constant numb just staring at the letter,
Somehow she opened the letter & started reading
On the top there were written
“My dear Girl”, Tears started flowing through her eyes & as more she was reading the letter the more she was crying,

After reading the letter she sits on the ground & started crying even more worse, but what else she can do except crying.

Now the Girl is standing near the window, watching theirs funeral & only one thought coming in her mind is to jump through the window and free herself from this world,

She was really upset & doesn’t want to go back in this cruel world,

She burned the letter, threw it out of the window & jumped!

Everyone in the ground gets shocked by seeing her dead body on the ground, the burning letter fell nearby the Girl’s friend she tried to stop it from burning but only she gets a piece of paper, word “Charity” written on it,

She started weeping by seeing that,
Men hurried to take the Girl’s body to the hospital but it’s too late.

She died for her love, everybody saying now there are four deaths happened back to back,

And nobody never know what was written in that letter except word “Charity”.

* The End *

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