How Life Bites and Teaches

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Life is so strange throughout everything you live… And you can never change the fact. Now, let me tell you one of my memory to prove it…

When I was about eleven, my first elementary school adventures started over. Moreover, it would be my first experience to be outside of my village for schooling at the same as well.


Those times was my mature days in compare with my previous old ugly naughty days despite I was still a child yet. However, those times was very nice at all that encountered to my first early depressive gloomy adolescent days unfortunately. The gorgeous boy would not be after this time well then despite my first year was not so gloomy at all.

However, thus, my second and third years were absolutely horrible indeed.

One day, in my second year, in a hot Autumn times, I was strolling one of my friends in the school garden at a school day. While we were strolling, I faced with a tiny bony short with short blond haired girl who visited and joined to our school from abroad as a foreign student. Those times, we were twelve years old infants by the way. Indeed, she looked quite freak and not likely with her bad tiresome appearances to me. I hadn’t liked her at all although I’d hated her who had never communicated with me without any salutation. The only reason for my reckless hatred was that she had never communicated with me in those times. Always, I was discriminating her apart from the foreigners by saying bad words behind her as I remember.

“You foolish bimbo!” I murmured loudly once upon time.

It was a winter time… In the early morning, now, long red jumpers appeared after the short shirts in the coldest days in October. We faced against each other again before she left the school almost a year later. But that time, I don’t know still why but my hateful emotions changed against her strangely. Her appearance changed as well, now, she had a long hairs and very nice than before and was more likely. I was more sensational and emotional against her; in short, the Holy God showed me that He is not playing soccer Who stabbed with me the sword of the justice by making me to fall in love with her and realized how racism is bad!

After that, my youth passed with remorse, repent, and agony with unanswered love miseries for a long while. Of course, it was too late for the last regret because she has already got married with another man. But of course, I had been a little innocent kid in those times, but, it would be too late to compensate my badly deed. And now, I am aware how racism is a deadly sin which makes me an anti racist forever. 

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I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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