soothing poem

A time to rest

Just something to read, to remind you that a restful soul will bring a restful night.

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Brat Dharam Pal Updivine

Brat Dharam Pal- A Short Story

This is a story about a protagonist (Dungar Mal) who is a rich-brat, and Dharam Pal who wants to bring discipline to his life.

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Mobile Detox Updivine

Mobile Detox in Name of Paryushana

Here’s my experience of giving up the mobile phone for eight days and the after experience, all in the name of Paaryushana (the jain festival).

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Jainism Vs Hinduism Updivine

Jainism vs. Hinduism

This article is not intended to generate any serious thoughts of the readers; it is a light-hearted article and should be taken in that sense only. The facts discussed here are only author’s viewpoint (and backed by her lack of knowledge and wisdom), not intended to hurt any of your religious or other sentiments

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Grudges Updivine

Grudges- Are They Really Worth Holding?

If even my God could forgive a sinister as big as ‘a terrorist’, do we as normal human beings deserve to hold and carry the burden of grudges against them? Or we could also just forgive them?

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Pain Updivine

Pain- Its not that painful after all!

Pain is just a feeling. If you want to learn to deal with the biggest fear of your life and make it less painful, read more!

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  It was wee hours in the morning, and I had taken the train to visit my brother. A typical Indian railway coach, and everyone trying to somehow adjust and just fit in. There were…

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