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Life starts seeming to be beautiful when you have the positive attitude. You find flowers blooming and you smile. You look at the moon and you feel peace. You travel and the wander in you thrills. You look at some being and you hug them. Life starts seeming beautiful when you have the positive attitude. But — reaching that stage, takes a lot! Maybe some moments to overcome all the fear and be ready OR maybe sometimes it’s a life – long struggle. But being and staying positive – it really has some power. Gives you all the strength, courage and confidence to stand bravely – whenever and wherever needed. 

In this world of 2023, that attitude is hard to keep. Where decades ago, the happiness was found in small things and the social pressure was not this much as it is at present times. Today, we all are struggling. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Socially, Financially – and what not. But, the struggle should be something on which we should be working. As a group or union – We are not. And as an individual – it’s a deep, intense, heartbreaking struggle. 

The only change and improvement comes – when acceptance comes in practice. I’ve always been saying it. 

As it’s a common fact that – if you can’t accept something, change it. And if you can’t change something, accept it.

In the end, we have to accept. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try the change. We should. Always. But trying change is nothing but ‘accepting’ the fact that you are gonna try to change. 

Accepting – the realities of a thing, not only puts a calm but starts showing the beauty in it. 

The moon has spots on it, but accepting it with them, we see a different and a more beautiful moon. The rose has thorns with it, but still we accept it in our garden and praise the beauty and the smell of it. An old book in the shelf, half torn, but still we accept it and enjoy the poetry or story written in it. When things can be accepted which are present in the nature or man – made things, then why not accept the difference and imperfections in a human being. 

Perfect can be perfect but, there’s nothing more beautiful than something imperfect.

And, what is perfection, really! Some measures and fitting into it. Like trying to put a smile into some scale. Like trying to put the moon into the brightest of light. Trying to do or be something which is unnatural – just because it’ll be stated perfect! Which human ever has been a perfect human..! Each has done or experienced right and wrong – and lived the average life. Then why to suffer yourself – and ask your own self or the society, if you’d fit in the perfect!

You already are perfect. The intention makes you perfect. Choosing between negative and positive, and standing with the positive attitude makes you perfect.

A few things are in hand and depends situation to situation, if we wanna suffer or not. 

The poor will not suffer, if he’ll accept his financial state and decides to change accordingly and live a fulfilled life – WHETHER by working hard and making more money – OR making modification in spending his current expenses. — Otherwise the Rich is suffering with the same issue. Who sees the bank balance, when the money struggle is on!

The career failure will not suffer, if he’ll accept his weak state and decides to change accordingly and achieve the success – WHETHER by putting more efforts day and night and succeeding – OR – making modification in the practice or the path. — Otherwise half of the world is changing careers on the daily basis.

It’s the positive attitude, which makes you – ‘not to suffer’. Which makes you decide the path and move you into the positive direction.

Focusing on positive is way better than negative, to be happy in life. I know, my words are gonna sound common with the knowledge or advice but I’m just at the beginning of the story.



Happiness is the ultimate goal – for anyone’s life and achieving that just the single moment of happiness, one struggles his/her lifetime. But what if, you get the hold on the trick to achieve that happiness and make it stay with you. Of course, different circumstances puts you in different situations – but even after that, you’ll look for the happiness. The satisfaction. The little smile on your and the faces of your loved ones around. So what is the trick! The trick is to stay positive. Yes, it’s not easy and enough to argue on it when someone’s struggling in their own way BUT THAT IS THE ONLY TRICK! Focus on the positive. The ignorance in any context does make you sad or depress but focus on positive, choose the acceptance of changing the attitude – TO BE POSITIVE. It’s the only light in the dark. It’s the only flower in a barren. It’s the only hope to keep moving. It’s the only way – to live happy – to live with peace, empathy and making the society ‘human’.

When one is struggling – with their emotional, social or financial areas – one gets the help in a therapist, friend or some kind of social or economic support. BUT – that society, that friend – doesn’t see what you’re going through or doesn’t even empathize for one moment – when you’re dealing with a ‘physical’ struggle. Body positivity – is needed both on personal and social level. A fact which has been there – since the beginning on this earth – no matter the being – human or animal, no matter – what color, height, weight, sex or any appearance. Till the acceptance is not made – individually as well as socially – one struggles on mental, emotional, social and yes physical level!!!

The world – the ‘human’ world – needs to act with ‘humanity’. 

Being a free individual – when puts out their thoughts, comments, actions and their knowledge – they should first process it – with empathy, humbleness and kindness and come out as a peaceful individual. 

People should realize the fact – that just like any struggle in today’s life – Physical struggle is one major fact and is being lived with every second of the minute. Every minute of the hour. Every hour of the day! Through every day of the whole year.

If one is blind, you don’t have to make him/her remember that. If one is short or tall, you don’t have to make him/her remember that. If one is over-weight or under-weight you don’t have to make him/her remember that. If one is dark or light in skin color, you don’t have to make him/her remember that. If one looks like a man or a woman, you don’t have to make him/her remember that. 

Before putting your judgement, your thought or belief over someone’s appearance – you should realize – it’s THEIR appearance. It’s THEM who’s carrying it. It’s THEM who’s living with it. 

And, not just the appearance – one should approach with humanity in any context. 


Calling anything perfect, puts the beauty of imperfection in doubt. And, stating someone’s ‘body or appearance’ – ‘perfect’ – brings the other one’s in doubt, when commented negatively on their appearance. As people find beauty in the imperfection of the spotted moon, a thorn carrying rose, a torn old book – the same way, people need to practice the way – to see the beauty in a human – whatever appearance they carry. A human needs to practice the human way.

Thoughts – are everything. They make you – think. They make you – believe. They make you – say. They make you – act. They make – YOU!


(End of Part 1/3)


– Ocean Singh

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