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Jay Badrivishal. Every single time I get a chance to explore the world I never want to miss it. The Himalayas/ the places under himalaya range are some of my most favourite destinations. In the year of 2017 I had gone to Devbhumi Uttarakhand. It’s called as Devbhumi for a reason & there’s no doubt in that.

Gangotri,yamunetri,badrinath,kedarnath are the famous chaardhaam of Uttarakhand & it’s well-known to everyone. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a chance to visit yamunetri and kedarnath. Luckily I could cover other two. The day I reached Badrinath dham with my family I was so mesmerized by it’s beauty that even after returning from there I thought only the body is with me & the soul I’ve left at Badrinath.
It’s also known as badrinarayan or Badrivishal. It’s one of 108 divya desam for vaishnavites. It was established by Adi shankaracharya in 9th century. God vishnu or Narayan is being worshiped here. The temple is in Badrinath town of chamoli district surrounded by Nara and Narayan mountain on the bank of Alkananda river.  Oh! What a beautiful place that is! The river is purely blue in colour just like the sky. After reaching there one can simply feel the presence of vishnutatwa in the temple, in the bell sound, in the river sound, even in own body. Same thing happened to me too.
The glaciers were clearly visible on the nearby mountain top. The apricity at that shrine I felt was completely new to me because it was very auspicious. Devotees were bathing in vishnukund , a naturally created hot spring on snow mountain of Badrinath. I was stunned after hearing that the murti or the idol of God was founded from the alkananda river in this shape by itself. No carving or engrossing was done on it. There’s a akhandjyot in the temple which is lightened at the time of closing the temple for 6 months due to heavy snowfall during October last and opens after 6 month in April. The akhandjyot is always found burning even after 6 months while opening the temple.
Really it’s a place where you find the peace and enjoyment both. Don’t know whether I’ll get another chance to go there or not but yes it’s a place you can visit again & again.

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